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We've also implemented the same in terms of sound now. We're remaking this as well, so keep an eye out.

I've already implemented the scrolling down thingy.

It's alright, we believe that the story wasn't too interesting either, so we're starting anew with this game coming out as a full game after a month or so.

So, keep an eye out on @RektAlter or @Expiredbiscuits

Well, thanks.

It's not complete yet. I'm sure you'll find the plot more compelling once we fully launch the game.

Follow us over on @Expiredbiscuits or @RektAlter if you wanna play it in the future (we might consider a Steam release in the future).

Did you complete the game?  We'll be adding a lot of new mechanics, and releasing it as a completely featured game with more hacking stuff, hopefully within a month.

If so, check us out on @RektAlter or @Expiredbiscuits and we'll be posting updates pretty soon.

Yeah, the sticky was a bit confusing to close I guess.

I'd add more info later on.

Well thank you :'D

Hope you'll stay for future updates @RektAlter or @Expiredbiscuits

Not all PCs have a password necessarily so connect to them directly without a password.

I understand if it's not your cup of tea. We're going to  add proper instructions soon, so maybe tell others to check it out then.

Wtf how did you customize it?

There's not anything else to do right now. You completed it.

Thank you for playing through! <3

We'll be making a whole LOT of changes soon, and it's gonna be a full game.

The map looks like it came straight out from Hollow Knight and into Mendacium.


Thank you so much!

Keep an eye out for updates, follow @RektAlter or @Expiredbiscuits on twitter for that.

Remove the third brackets, the third brackets [] is used for formatting and showing what should be written.

The proper command would be "port connect shootandkill"

Looks fantastic, but how did you make this in 7 days?

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Well played and rated.

Hope you try out ours and rate as well:

Played and rated. I couldn't understand what was happening, even though I did collect all the blue objects and went across the map like 3 times.



Rated 3 days ago already.

Rated, but I couldn't figure out what to do after I press the Space and the screen lifts up, because the thing in the left bottom couldn't be dragged.

Already rated my dude, long ago. 3 days ago actually.


Would you mind playing our game?

Rated :D

Rated long ago.

Well atleast I'm not homeless, though I could get out lol.


Like sometimes I'll get stuck at the edge of a platform.

Btw, what are you using for saving the progress? I'm pretty new to gamedev so I had this query.

For a gamejam, this is surprisingly good. But there's a few bugs in this, iron them out and release an update.

Done playing and rated as well! :D

I see you've done quite the bit of work on this. Hoping you'll update this.

I can't get even past the first level, but I really like the ambience on this.

I love the ambience on your game!

And I really, really love the backdrop!

Good work!

It's fun, but stop calling me the R word

Did you just use the R word without any hesitation whatsoever?

Ngl the "Are you really trying to win this?" is really creepy, man. Tone it down.

Done already.

Already did, my dude.

It's kinda tough. I liked it though. The movement felt really smoothy in a way.

Really weird game and I wish you'd compress down the size, but it's good if you're new.

Done done a done! :D

Rated, and one of my team members has commented on it as well.