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I loved the visuals of this game. It had a lot of nostalgic horror elements to it.

Insane how this was made in a few days

Loved the concept and gameplay. Very very fun


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Art style is adorable, music is some of the creepiest I've heard. 

I'm not a big horror person so you better believe that I wasn't brave enough to complete the game but that's okay. I obviously wasn't the targeted audiance. 100% recommend to everyone who's any% braver than I am.

Update: watched a play through. Honestly the game wasn't as scary as my mind was telling me. The music gets less creepy after the door and the tone becomes a lot more wholesome. I 100% recommend this to everyone. It's not really a horror horror game, just a game with a darker tone.

so cute

Neat. Worth your time for sure

Does making music count? Is it working on the game at all? Does writing a story count? Does thinking of the ideas count?

This will be good learning for you. It's your move either way. Either way I'm sure you'll do great

I think it comes down to trust. It's not fun to cheat. You can tell and if you got caught then you have a chance of getting banned from jams. It's not worth the risk. Most people will follow the rules because they like the challange and it's unfair to cheat when others are following the rules. Even if you cheat you won't nessarsariy make a better game. Game jams are about doing a lot with little. The creativity wins over the polish most of the time. They also want to make the jam accesable. Just because a few people cheat doesn't mean they should punish everyone

Just wondering

If you cheat you've only really cheated yourself out of the challange and it's really unfair to everyone who played by the rules. If you somehow get caught you could face a ban from Game Jams. I wouldn't risk it and I like the challange

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48 hours is the time you have to make the game. For example you can spend 5 hours every day for 9 days and that's about 48 hours

or you can pull 2 all nighters and use up all your 48 hours. It's a 9 day jam but you have 48 hours to make the game. 

"You have 48 hours (don't have to be consecutive) to make a game"

At least that's my understanding please correct me if I'm wrong 

Hope this helps

If an idea isn't doing so well don't be afraid to start over. 

DON'T OVERSCOPE. If things are going well and you want to add more things then wait until you're done. Don't add any big things in the middle of the jam. Don't overscope. If you feel like you've underscoped don't add anything else. If you finished the game is 24 hours or less. Great now you can add more levels polish the game and stuff for the remaining hours. Don't overscope. A finished game looked better than an attempted idea

Really nice Menu. Simple but fun concept. Nice fitting music. Great job with this one

That was way too cute

Nice game. Got a score of 10k and I'm satisfied with that

Big mood

Nice game

That boss stood no chance 

Couldn't get past the second level but it was a fun game

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Oh wow I made a game with almost the same concept (you only keep your previous death location to use in levels) but in 3 hours I could never

Great game btw

Art is beautiful and story is interesting. Great job

Absolutely amazing game. Great job. Can't believe this is a game jam game. Great job on polishing it so much. Adored the little story, gameplay and the artstyle. One of the shortest and sweetest games I've played.

This was a very fun game. A short and sweet expeirence. I'd date Siren Head irl tbh. I like their vibes.

I played it when it released during the time I was in a bad place mentally and I replayed it now to really fully experience it and understand the jokes and it's still an amazing jokes

couldn't see anything unfortunately 

Cute game loved the art and music and the game overall but I wish there was a key alternative for the right mouse button. Great game overall great job.