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I'll happy when i finished :))

You are right. I haven't added anything about the game story yet. but the game story and cutscenes and dialogues will be of course. I'm trying to have some fun dialogeus. "Soul System", which is also the main theme of the game, will also be added to the game. 400 different levels and 40 different monsters and mini bosses waiting in the game are included in the game. It will be in wider and higher stages. With some traps. About 20 boss fights began to be prepared. In the next updates, there will also be pet and mount animals that help the character.

"but one suggestion is that on Windows, it would be helpful if the attack button worked if you clicked it once instead of holding it down to attack maybe. "

Of course, it can be done and a situation that I do not realize. You are right. A control appropriate for the keyboard may be more reasonable than for the touch buttons.

Thank you for the feedback :)