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this has to be the most fun I've had playing an indie game. I have never been more energetic and vocal. thank you so much for such an amazing experience.

fun game, i enjoyed it. keep up the good work. 

very interesting concept, would love to see a  full game. :)  

beautiful story, lovely graphics and a mesmerizing game.

your welcome.

wow i'm hooked. i hope all goes well for the kickstarter, i will be watching and will try to donate if i have the money.  

he is so cute!!! this was such a cute little game.  

beautifully made, i was without wirds at the end.  

wow this game really made me stop and think about my own past mistakes and how I feel. amazing game.

awesome game. super cute and fun.

been a reader on the salamander webtoon for sometime now. just found this game not to long ago.

awesome game.

beautiful game. reminded me of how I felt when my lil Carla passed away. I did a lets play of this and added my cats pics into the thumbnail.

I loved this demo. the idea of using toys to tell a story is both creative and brilliant. I'm a supporter of the LBGT community, I'm a straight wolf furry so society doesn't look to kindly on me either; however I still wear my ears and tail out in public with pride and would love to see this game continued so I can see what happens next. you have me hooked.

heres a link to my channel if you would like to subscribe.

will do.

this is a wonderful game. I enjoyed it and also yes the cake is a lie. 

let me know when the English translation is ready, i would love to do a lets play of this. :) 

cute game.


a cute and fun game I look forward to playing it once its out. 

i ejoyed the game. it was fun and witty 

holy hera that was awesome. great game. 

Well, i tried it out. its got good "Bones" lol sorry i love puns.

now for my review.

pros: great story, wonderful environment and fun weapons.

cons: Janky controls , over sensitive camera and lack of direction.

my suggestions: add in save points, adjust sensitivity, add enemy location on map and add controller support (if opssible) 

other then that i enjoyed it and look forward to seeing more.

I didn't like it, I loved it.  such a unique idea and beautiful mechanics. thb I want a blob plushie lol. keep up the good work. 

i loved this so much i did a lets play of it. 

this was so cute and fun, i would love to see a longer if not full game out of this.  

had a blast with this!

another great game. cant wait to see what's next. 

had fun, love the fact that you added cow. and the extras menu is adorible. 

even though you shelved this i think it would have made an amazing game. i enjoyed the drama and mystery. bravo.  

had fun playing this, loved the characters and story. sorry for the poor audio quality in my video though.

I played this off steam however it wouldn't et me review it so. all I can say is I cannot wait for the full game, I am in love with it already and want to play more. good job. 

Cute game, I loved it. awesome concept.