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The original voice actors [The English cast] left the project due to unknown reasons, hence why Meyaoi had to cast a new set of voice actors

After playing through the new patch, there are quite a bit of bugs that I'm here to list, so here we go...

Transparency: If you use the Skip Dialog option, The character on screen will turn transparent, similarly with their clothes and body too

Replayed Voice Lines: This is pretty self explanatory, in some CG's, voice lines overlap each other, causing a replay of lines over lines over lines

Errors: Sometimes mid CG or dialog, the game would show a error screen, seems like some of the coding was off...

That's about all the bugs I can currently find, I'll edit this comment further if I find any more

Mine happened just yesterday when my game glitched out like crazy instead of opening just one it opened three windows of the game, my laptop eventually crashed because of how much processing power it had to go through

You should probably report this to Meyaoi.... Personally I haven't encounter it

From my gameplay, the Landlord unlocks the ability to go outside after I have went into a relationship, But I'm sure you won't need to have a relationship to unlock the costume menu! ^^

Keep playing and soon enough you'll encounter a scene where Haato could confess, but if you don't want to confess just yet and instead let Shuu confess, wait for a few days, visit him everyday and (From my gameplay) about 3-4 in-game days later, he should confess to Haato ^^

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For the stars, Try taking him out for dates, or hang out with him, or simply call him during the night. And for the costumes, Once the ability to go outside is unlocked (Your popularity must be Known or Higher) , head to the Love Hotel and you'll see a option to buy the costumes ^^

P.S.: Seems like you can buy some Sexy Costumes from the guy in the park with the sign? I'll add it in here in case you're looking for that instead ^^ (To get him to talk to you, Your knowledge must be Genius ^^)

I have a small question for peeps who went through Tocchans route ^^ So far I've only experienced Chibi sex scenes and I was wondering if at any point will it switch to the non chibi-ed version of the character? 

Just a small teensy little question, Will the game be fully voiced or partially voiced? Like small groans here and there, moaning here and there and some dialogue spoken?