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You need Java to play https://java.com/en/download/

I love the pixel art so this is my list of requirements for this game:

screen width = 160

screen height = 120

color palette = 16

tile size = 16x16

no text = (really who want to read on fps games? haha)

low poly models = I don't know how to do things more complex though

I think that's it for now.

Keep with the good job!, very good devlog, not like mine (T_T)U haha

I'm so bad writing this things so if you want stay tuned please see my twitter @UnGraphicsGames

After a cuple of problems have the basic scene loader done, now it's time to make the magic!

I just decided to do an FPS game like doom, for now I only have the loading bar and the game state manager

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Bitbucket repository created, link here

edit: repository hidden until the submit, sorry guys ;P

Created a new topic UnGraphicsGames Dev Log

My first jam starts here!

I don't like too much the space theme, I prefer the middle age haha.

I have been working with libGDX with a couple of years and I feel really comfortable doing anything on 2d, so I want prove myself and do something in 3d.

Brainstorming right now.

Hello there!

My name is Manuel, I'm from Spain and I want to say that I really enjoy develop games with libGDX because I hate the drag-and-drop system used by others platforms.

This is my first game jam and I'm so happy to join myself to you.

My favourite tools are Android Studio, Aseprite, Blender and Tiled.

Here is my twitter if you want to see my latest updates @UnGraphicsGames

I'm going to work alone, good luck to all of you! :D