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keep your eyes open ;)

Haha you wish

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

I’d like to see you make a game in 72 hours and hold your tongue when somebody speaks about it like this. Although it’s scuffed, we poured love and incredible effort while making it. I wrote my college essay about the stressful process that went into this. Not only that, I’ve seen people enjoy this game and the challenges it provided.  Have you even seen the theme? “Delay the inevitable” the games purpose was to be gruelingly difficult. Although I accept your criticism and I have criticisms of my own, mostly on the massive reliance on RNG, seeing you insult our game in such a way brings a pain into my heart.

The page is up!

lmao get gud

oh yeah, absolutely it’s almost blatantly obvious, and thank you, glad you enjoyed :D

Further in the game

did you get the rocket boots? 

yep! Hold space to use your rocket boots! 

Your cursor let's you see the rest of the screen :) we're still fixing a lot of the bugs and balancing gameplay to make everything run smoothly :D

This was a really fun game! I liked the mechanic and it was relatively original, The animation are noice ,the enemy AI is a bit janky and it was kind of unclear what I had to do in the beginning 

Great Game, I'm addicted, This would be amazing on mobile, adding hornets that harm the spider could be cool, and add a bit of danger

Pretty Buggy but I really like the use of momentum, this would be really fun to speed-run if finished!

this game is too addictive, great job! some music and larger balls would be cool!

Really fun, wish there would be collectibles that would motivate the player to move more

Under development log

thanks yonn comments like these are really appreciated by us, the devs! We are in fact working on a new and improved update featuring crates and other fun stuff to play around with! we are always looking for feedback and play testers and this comment is great! I’m Alphons I worked on concept, UI and all art!

1086 brave robots lost, great game, cool how you need to put the towers really strategically so that you don't get shot! Love it 5 stars!

great concept and really fun to play, I love the colors and the effects

we didn't have much time to work on the ui, plus we wanted a smooth learning curve for people who are a bit slow at learning

haha it was a joke, if you read the dialogue in the game you would have got it :D

they don't teach patience in hero school

no prob

if you have trouble with some levels and you want to see the whole game with no challenge just press o to go back and p to skip the level! do not recommend it tho :/

really just a fun puzzler with a great concept! this might just win!

thank you so much guys!

thanks a lot for the positive feedback! It would be great if you could share this so It can see the light of day :D

No, but we can add that when this game wins, if it does we will completely polish it and put it on steam, also try thinking ahead and looking at it as more of a puzzle

Oh! What level did you get stuck at

thanks so much guys! Feedback and comments are greatly appreciated! If we win we will release a full late scaled version

beat the game, great level design and mechanics!

Im at floor 41 the game is crashing, too many mobs spawning, all hell has broken loose