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thanks! we thought about making it face the cursor, but, you know, no time for testing ^^

neat idea, but the control possibilities are a bit too reduced imho...

great concept and incredible visuals. love it!

the idea is cool, and could make for some really solid puzzly gameplay, but the controls might be a bit too punishing for my taste. still very cool though!

damn, the music is great! I was slightly confused as to what exactly was going on, though ^^

holy moly, this is gorgeous! I have to agree with the people who say it's a little fumbly to control though... cool concept, too!

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yeah, we didn't really get around to testing and polishing - might get fixed in later versions, if we take this concept further. thanks for coming by!

NotForeseon did definitely never work on this game, so listen to his non-biased evaluation, everybody!