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Thanks for this! Would be nice if there was a complete tutorial on how to implement it for total noobs like me :p

yeah senpai, kinda sucks that we cant upload the post jam build until after the voting. i already have the tweaked build with updated controls..

Thanks waffle man! I appreciate it! :D

Thanks buddy! very glad you liked it! See the thing is Im still undecided about the wall dash thing.. maybe I'll do as your suggestion, maybe I'll just include an upward dash, or maybe I'll abandon the idea altogether, Im not really sure... hm

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yeah, see? its not that hard when you git gud right? but i guess those who have the patience to git gud are a dying breed :D thanks my man! i appreciate it

hey thanks buddy! I basically finished the engine and first 2 levels on the 1st day so 2nd day is all polish and cutscenes. besides, the cutscenes are repetitive 10 frames each and making one doesn't take me 10 mins haha. glad you liked it

i really think you should man! 

wow man.. amazing game.. the best in the jam in my opinion!

thanks bro, and dont worry i got you. already working on the post build with updated controls! its much more streamlined now ;)

Im gonna have nightmares about this man :( good job though! best game 2018

started out boring, turned out amazing! the scale in this game is incredible! very nice time waster. good job man

Thanks for playing! Yeah I tend to make the challenging ones as a tribute to NES games ;p

Holy crap this is the coolest concept Ive seen so far! Its so unique and the narrative is very interesting! amazing man. Just reduce the difficulty a bit?

Very nice game bro! Never thought I'd see a full on 3d snake game lol!  Good job my man

Thanks man! glad you liked it! ;)

thanks bud! I do take pride on my retro fan-boying  ;)

lol, don't worry buddy, I got you! I already built a game with updated controls and no more attack, basically I put both dash and attack at the same button and powered up the dash. its much more fun now. Just waiting for the jam to end to post the post jam build

AAAAhhhhhhhhh I've been looking for this game. Job well done my friend! :D see, you released one of the good games in the jam! I finished the game dude, I am the professor after all lol

nice game, did I just get frozen to death at age 90...? Is it a bug or a feature? lol. Cool concept! Would be a top notch puzzler on mobile if you kept working on it!

Nice game dude! here are some of my pointers: a clear objective would be nice and a lower hp for zombies. job well done my man! :D

Like I said before, AAA stuff right there! Did not know it was possible to make this in a jam! Like some guy said in the chat room, "it's unreal, no pun intended"

Very nice game! It feels like a finished game with well working mechanics. Contrary to what others say I think the burping sounds are hilarious! did you record that yourself lol. rated dude, job well done ;)

I expected nothing less from the guru himself :D best game I've rated so far! so satisfying. Found some bugs but we all have those right lol

hey please do! and when you do, tell me about the experience of releasing on mobile because im looking to explore that market as well :D

oh nevermind, it worked now :) very nice graphics! what I don't understand though is why my health stays the same after being hit by an enemy? Nice game nonetheless :D rated

It does not load the graphics for me :( I can only see the UI and hear the nice music but that's it :( cant rate because of that

dude that flamethrower is powerful as hell lol. Nice fun game chief, been playing it since the early builds. also additional points for tim's face!

Nice one dude, so its basically a complicated rock paper scissors? lol. made it to the guy who eats whole pigs

Hey nice game! great time killer if ported to mobile. Also, udemy guy! lol. there should be a rating for comedy! Rated dude

thanks my man!! :) well game maker is very fast in prototyping. i basically finished tje prototype in about 2 hours!