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Really really good pixel art, music. Fun gameplay, great movement. Really don't have anything negative to say.

Very pog indeed. Good colors, music & simple artstyle. 

Great color scheme, simple artstyle.

Some levels aren't that fun because they require long and repetitive action (the level with a corrosive fluid where you have to stack corpses until you can jump on them to cross the pool).

I actually have implemented all Jonas' tips from his video.  There's 0.2s Coyote time & Jump input remember time. The jump falloff when you release the jump key is 0.6 (probably should be lower). The only thing that's missing is acceleration / deceleration, which I agree is important when you want to move just a little.

Eh... about the medium height jump... There's no instance where the game wants a medium jump from you, so that oportunity is kinda pointless to me. With the super jump it's possible, but yeah without it you can either do a small jump / high jump. I'll try to find a solution to this. Thanks though for a descriptive feedback :D

Really great entry. The only thing I can criticize is the volume of the audio, it's too loud, but that's just a nitpick. Great art, fun dialog.

Thanks for the feedback.

I agree with the gun being op and it being just an obstacle. At first I wanted to have a bossfight at the end, but I had to scrap it, because I was really running out of time and I never made a boss before, so it's just a big blob that you have to shoot....

I agree that some platforming sections aren't fun at all, but I don't know where I went wrong with the super jump. Could you please tell me what aspect of the super jump is bad in particular?

Glad you liked the collectables :D

Awesome art and music. Movement speed is a bit too slow imo

Really good art and creative gameplay. Really well crafted. Some critisism: There's no feedback on damaging enemies, at first I though I can't damage them so it was a bit confusing, but that's the only issue I have.

Wow, this is really original and creative. Really great sound fx and idea. The jump is a bit floaty, but it's not really an issue in this game, just a nitpick :D

Great sound fx, good art, really creative.

Really good entry. Great art, great music. Well designed world. 

I agree with every critisism you gave. I really don't know why I didn't bound the abilities to numbers lol.

As for the spring enemies, their AI is quite simple, but yea they're unpredictable unles you know how their AI works. They have a detection box under them and when the player enters this detection trigger, they will try to go to the opposite direction of the player's velocity, but if the player is standing however, they will go straight for the player.

The wind effect for the floating ability is made using a shader (I specifically used Shader Graph), which is quite simple though - I just take whatever the camera sees (I'm using render textures, because Scene Color node didn't work) and offset the red channel by some small number and offset the blue channel by the same number as the red channel but multiplied by -1. Then I just combine the red, green and blue channels and plug it into output.

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As I think about it, I would probably make some background "animation" or something and not a static color... Similar to the background of this game Thomas Brush made (The video is set to exact time, so it should start at the time where he plays the game)

The controls are a bit confusing, but that's the only bad thing you'll hear from me. It's very creative and I think the theme is well implemented

The visuals are really great. Professional looking particles and art. The ressurection looks really good and feels great. Different enemies would make the game more fun and randomly generated obstacles would be also great.

The movement is kinda unresponsive... I assume you are normalizing an input vector to avoid faster move speed when moving diagonaly, but you're using Input.GetAxis() to get the input value. When you want to normalize input vector, you should use Input.GetAxisRaw() (I could be wrong, maybe you are using different input method, this is just my assumption)

Wow. Really nice art. Good music, Controls feel nice and fun levels. Really good entry

I love how the music changes to !!!!!!!!RAGE MODE!!!!!!!! xD

Art's good, movement is okay, but as others already pointed out, but it's way too short (not really affecting my rating).

Visuals are quite nice, but I'd choose a different color for the background. Movement's okay, but I think this game would be controlled better with a mouse. And a better tutorial would avoid confusion among the players

I'm turning 18 and I'll be able to get a driver's licence soon, so this is probably me in a couple of weeks :D

Game looks good and controls are okay, but I'd change some things -

Instead of immediately dying when you collide with the red obstacle, I'd make it so that you have to have some amount of speed before it actually _kills you_

And I'd put the music source on a non destructible object so that it doesn't restar each time the level reloads

Love the music. Levels are really well designed, good looking and the theme is well implemented. I'd change one thing about the checkpoints, you can't see which one is currently active.

This game looks very polished. Nice art. I'd change one thing though and that is movement speed, the game is a bit too slow imo

Glad you like it :)

Unfortunately I didn't have anyone to playtest the game so the ballancing is pretty horbile as I've heard :D. The idea was, that once you get the shooting ability, you can easily kill all the enemies and get past them

Some sound FX were done by me (hence the horrible quality) and some were found on the internet, for example the guitar bounce sound (since I don't have a guitar). Glad you like it

I really like the background art. Unique gameplay and creative implementation of the theme. I'd probably make the rolling of the stone faster & add some game juice when you kill enemies

Thank you :)

Nice colors, fun unique gameplay. But the game is lacking music.

Dobrá práce ;)

For a game jam game, the timing is unneccesarily tight. Nice color sheme & cool simple artstyle

Super polished, nice artstyle and atmosphere.

So many things done really well. Art's really good, nice color sheme, fun gameplay really simple and very polished. Truly 5/5 WOWIE!!!

Nice art and somewhat fun gameplay.

The game looks awesome, great atmosphere, and ambiance. However Checkpoints woul be nice or some less traps

Love the art <3

It should be impossible to get stuck. Do you recall what the area looked like where you got stuck?

Good movement, but lacking sound fx, also the film grain is a bit too intense.

Minimalistic art with great color sheme, fun gameplay, coyote time would make the platforming much better

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Decent. Jump feels floaty - jonas has how a video on how to fix these platformer movement issues.

truly epik voviiiiie

Nice colors, somewhat fun gameplay, but imo the controls would've been better if you could controll the player with a mouse

Cool experience, nice color scheme, but the movement could be improved

Really decent game. Nice art and cool music. Variable jump height would be nice, but in this game I didn't really find it as an issue