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Wow, I never would have been able to tell that you thought of objects first before story. It all fit really well together imo. Leaving up to the imagination is very smart in such restrictions as these. Congratulations on ranking 1st by the way! :D

Thanks so much for playing and commenting! I'm glad you liked the little character ^-^

Oh man... This game was outrageously good. The music, sound fx, animation all top quality.  And granny's story was heckin' emotional! How you were able to portray emotion into such a tiny game is beyond my comprehention. 100/10, well done! You're an inspiration, sharpfives.

That character sprite was actually one of the only things I was unsure about the whole time, so thanks so much for saying!

Wow, thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed the game :)

Cool portrait art! The gameplay was fun, but the only thing I would like better is if the player movement was faster. Awesome work!

Very cool idea, fun and challenging gameplay. Music was great also! Love the theme.

Beautiful stand out colours in the artwork, love the simple but challenging gameplay. Turns out I'm not so good at these games! haha. Great submission, only thing I wish it had was sound. :)

The music and art are fantastic! The sound of the text was a little annoying after a while, but the gameplay in general was fun and the story was intriguing. :)

The dash/wall jump combos were very fun, great use of mechanics with level design.  Loved the music as well!

Love the art, love the audio, love the gameplay. Seriously great job! Challenging but satisfying, having a lot of fun reaching the end!

Thanks so much! I appreciate the lovely feedback and glad you enjoyed playing :)

Music is by Rolemusic on Check them out if you liked the track I used!

Impressive jam game! Loved the music and audio, graphics were cool but felt a little overwhelming sometimes. Text was a bit too uncomfortable to read on that background. Fun gameplay!

Awesome job! Love the simplicity and the music track.