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If it will help a game I've obsessed about for a while sure. I 'm only available until January though; military service.

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I have a 7 year old Imac running Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 via Bootcamp with a 2.8GHz Intel I7 CPU, 16GB of some old DDR2 ram, and an ATI RAdeon HD4850  with 512mb of Vram. The cards clock speeds, Core: 600MHz & Memory:  976MHz as the workload cap; the driver is for bootcamp and thus is a bit outdated compared to other HD4850 cards. The  version of Open GL it supports is 3.3.10428 and Open GSL version of 3.30. The latest version of Direct X my GPU supports is DX10.1 .

Apologies for that mouthful of text beforehand. I found that I couldn't run the final version of the demo at full native resolution of 2560x140 at Fantastic settings thus, I switched to 1920x1080 and got some frames at 27-20 and I couldn't play at that frame rate so I switched to Good settings and bingo the game looked great and ran smoothly at 40ish frames with my lousy computer. The Controls were neat and responsive. Aiming was quick and smooth without any noticeable dead zones. I found the hopping to feel a bit as if I were spaceman with comms dead jumping on the moon and might suggest that to compliment Being One's enormous strength and agility a grunt of some sort as he lands would make the jumps feel better in my humble opinion. The collectibles felt a bit to easy to find but I suppose that was because the level was on the small side so it makes sense of course. The Puzzles were good as I spent 5 minutes banging my head upon the computer typing in numbers that showed from the malfunctioning ones in the first room not realizing that there was a final frame of text with the codes I was missing. The lighting and props looked shiny and utilitarian with a flair of space age and I found the aesthetic pleasing, the creepiness of the well written data pads with personality and context to the whole picture gave the story what it needed to be significant and enticing for me as the player (;certainly better than that disgrace Destiny2 forgetting events happened in previous installments). The animations were smooth and lifelike or robotlike as they were mostly nano-slaves and drones. I feel as if a reminder of Being One's immortality would be a nice addition to the beginning of the game but I have no idea if this is the beginning of the game as of yet to be completed.

Looking forward to the thrilling next step of your series. A loyal fan.

P.S. Will we ever find out what happened to Earth in future installments, I just need a yes or no nothing in depth?