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good point. please look forward to the next build in the future!


what a masterpiece

that was fun! and cheers to the team for putting out a game with great visuals & audios in only 2 days!

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Thank you for your review! I am not so sure whether it can be explored to html without causing any other bugs though, which is  the main reason i stick to an exe file

Great soundtrack and very interesting story/gameplay! Controls could be worked on a bit though, death's movement feels a bit hard to control

Great graphics and interesting gameplay

Great soundscape. Graphics has an old school touch to it that I really enjoy. The combat system was a bit less polished, but still an overall fun game.

Really nice soundtrack you got there! Makes me want to move to the beat. Gameplay was also really enjoying - it has extremely nice replay-ability! (Though I have yet to try other difficulties)

The mechanism was amazing <3

oh wow this is impressive!

this is awesome!

I like how the levels are randomly generated but the movements feel a bit too slippery. Maybe change the accleration and deceleration so its more responsive?

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you don't necessarily need to make a completely new game. You can change the resolution manually, and update the assets so they fit, like making a port of your own game. But be careful! 64*64 can limit quite a lot of things, and you need to think about what elements you need to change such that they fit

very fun! quite a challenge but cleared it in 2 tries.

The controls could use a bit more work though. Jumping feels a bit laggy

It was originally designed to compensate the lack of flies, so if there are less flies on screen, your hunger drops slightly slower and if more, your hunger drops faster. Now that more flies are present on screen, I guess it makes more sense to use a constant instead

I made a few changes such that when there's more lazer present, your hunger(now called health) drops slower. I also made food a bit more rewarding and more frequent. 

As a direct adjustment to these changes, lazers are more punishing now because I don't want the players to tank the lazer hit by eating a few pieces of food - this should become more obvious after you reach the later games, but shouldn't affect you as much in the early games.

Please help me test with the testing build - it should be in the download section as well. 

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Definitely a good idea! I'll go ahead and make those changes

edit: wording

This is smart! The mechanisms are really simple but also brings a lot of fun.

Feels very compact and nicely designed :)

A really nice game.

sweeet graphics <3

Thank you for your suggestions! 

I chose cherry in the first place because I liked pink :) but i didn't expect that makes it less stick to the theme

Thank you!