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A completely reasonable suggestion, I'll be sure to upload a fix to this

Glad to hear you enjoyed playing, I'll have to investigate the out of rhythm issue you were having

I'm really glad to hear such great feedback :D I'm planning on having 3 songs for the Beta, And a minimum of 5 for full release with plans to keep adding more. I have an idea what may be causing this out of sync issue and will continue to investigate the issue further

I'm definitely planning on adding more and improving the game during the transition from beta to full release, what sort of improvements did you have in mind? 

Definitely planning on adding more levels!

I'll also keep in mind your kind offer of pixel art :D

Huge Update dropped, would love if you could give feedback based on that!

Really glad to hear that and thank you for the kind words :)

Animation is definitely on the to-do list, hoping to have a new update released this month with a bunch of changes based on feedback since the last update :D

Thank you so much for playing and enjoying my game, it means so much ^^

Thanks that's really good to hear :D

Fun game with a funny story :)

hop hop hop :3 Awesome game really enjoyed it

Really great short horror story!

Really awesome game! Loved the inception feel and the spooky story behind it all

Really enjoyable defence game! loved the hand-drawn doodle art style too :)

Got my ass handed to me by an owl xD

Really fun game :D Would be cool to have increasingly difficult levels featuring different fruit and veg

Really nice demo, quite a nice zen game with the sound and music

Thanks I really appreciate it ^^

Really glad to hear you enjoyed it :)

Really fun game and great mechanics, great job!

Had a really fun time playing this :D

Thanks for the detailed feedback :D

I've defiantly got plans for users being able to purchase and unlock additional backgrounds food etc. The issue with the apple not being apple will be fixed in my next release.

I'm aiming to finish this game this year so please keep a lookout for updates :)

Always love me a space game

I love the art-style <3

Flappy Bird?

Good looking and smart puzzler!

Tried again and it's working now, don't know why it wasn't working earlier.

I felt like the character movement is a little slow, but I really enjoyed the concept of the game :)


Awesome game!

I couldn't get the movement to work :(

I really like the concept of placing the arrows to create the movement, but I feel the random dice roll takes away from a good game

Nice calm and relaxing game, really enjoyed it

awesome game!

Awesome game! Love seeing the world come alive as you unlock more of the content through the shop.

Awesome concept and execution!

Thanks for your feedback, glad to hear you enjoy the concept. 

I'll have to experiment with the unhealthy score perfect text :)

Always love a cookie clicker, would have liked some animation or a more interesting backdrop

Absolutely awesome game! Can't wait to get it on steam :D

nice take on the tower defense genre

Good take on a find pair game!