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Posted in Saves on Linux

Navigate to the following directory;


try selecting windowed mode and change output to 1280x720 and try with graphic settings on Fastest to see if that helps.

build an axe and chop it down.

When you've downloaded the game you need to unzip the contents to wherever you want to save it to. Then you have to enter the folder where you put it, Right-Click and go down to Properties and change it's permission value to execute. Or from Terminal you can just run;

chmod +x V1.04_Raft_LinuxUniversal

you will have two different binary files, you have LinuxUniversal.x86 and LinuxUniversal.x86_64, run it on whatever your system uses.

one you've done this just double click and the game will load.

Try this http://bfy.tw/9QGU

Extract the game from the ZIP archive and click on it.

Replied to BKM2 in Bug reports

Since you're on Mac I'd also recommend checking the /Library/Preferences folder as it may save something there.

You don't. You need to download the game and extract to play the game.

It would seem Mac or Linux saves games and preferences in

Replied to TAFTpyro in Linux version

At the moment I'm using Linux Mint, and it's been pretty fairly decent for gaming on since it's not using Unity as its core feature, but comes readily available in Cinnamon, KDE and Mate. You could go for super light and fast alternative like Arch Linux where you get to build and choose what stuff you want installed on your system, install your own preferred desktop manager. I might recommend Wayland instead of X11 for the display server, but it's still in early build development, and you may have issues using official graphic drivers like Nvidia's, since it's built around open-source drivers, but I do believe there is workaround support for it. Running a minimal setup would be the way to go.

Replied to TAFTpyro in Linux version

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Ubuntu isn't really the best. I use to to use it alot before I tried other distros that suited me more, some of the ones I've used have better performance and lesser memory usage than what Ubuntu has.

If your computer has a dedicated video card inside then the drivers for that should be working alright, or if you only have Intel HD Graphics and it's running off that instead. If you have both then you might want to check about running both at the same time. The game could use some optimizations in it's performance I'll give it that, framerate may drop every now and then but it seems pretty stable in its current development.

It would be disappointing to see development of this game on Linux to suddenly drop just for a few issues that can be worked on and fixed.

also this isn't much but I've made a little debug dump of running the game through GDB Debugger, here's a link to it on Pastebin to show what's going on; http://pastebin.com/UCxpfJ9F

A few minor SIGSEV and other stuff in there. Finer details can be seen at the bottom which should be worth figuring out.

Sounds to me you associated it to open with Adobe Reader.

Posted in Remove stuff?

You can remove floors and rafts by using the Axe to chop it down. But you won't get anything back from destroying things, so be careful what you spend your resources on.

Posted in ocean

If you're having no textured water or it's appearing black you may not have certain package updates like the Vulkan Runtime libraries installed to your computer to run it correctly.

Posted in Linux version

Firstly, I think it runs really well on Linux.

Secondly, I think you need a better computer and have the right drivers installed on Linux if you're having performance issues.

Thirdly, the devs have already acknowledged the cursor issue and are currently looking into why that is happening.

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What you got is the Linux binary executable, so you need to right click on the binary executable and go Properties and click on Permissions tab and set to executable. Should see something like this; http://i.imgur.com/iVQpZjK.png

I don't get why it doesn't ask you if you wish to set it to executable when you click on it so you can run the game like this http://i.imgur.com/FyqqgbF.png

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Most Linux distros have the option of making a binary set as executable when you click on it, strange how it doesn't ask you that instead of trying to open with another app which isn't the normal behaviour of running a Linux application. but like others have stated right clicking on the game and going to Properties you can change it to executable from the Permissions tab, or by command line by doing chmod +x on the binary executable.

That link you have provided is not the answer. He has the Binary executable for Linux which run on Mono Runtime, what you've linked to instead is running Windows (EXE) files on Linux in Wine.

Posted in Bug reports

I've got a strange occurrence that happens with the game on Linux where if I've been playing for a while, guessing 2-3 hours playing the game randomly locks up but the in-game cursor can still be moved around, trying to close the game by clicking on the window close button or from the app tray doesn't seem to respond to being closed at all like normal, and I end up having to terminate it by the process manager. This has happened at least twice now already where it randomly locks up. I can try see if I can grab a crash dump but it could take forever to wait for it to randomly lock up after a while.

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From what I've been experiencing from this game so far, here are just some suggestions I think would better the game.

  • Make the health and food requirements not take up 80% of your survival time, make it so that you can go at least 30 to 60 minutes without food and water, or make it so it follows a Day-Night cycle when you need food and water, ie; can go for a week without food, and 4 days without water.
  • Make shark show up less after being killed once and attacks less frequently or only tries to attack where the player is standing on the raft if near the water's edge.
  • Anti-Shark traps. Something that can be more effective at defending your raft besides a spear, ie; bow and arrows, harpoons, and makeshift contraptions that can catch and kill sharks.
  • Raft upgrading, I notice there's an abundance of scrap metal, more than you can get of wood or thatch or food. I can literally fill entire 6 boxes of metal scraps in minutes because of how frequent and common they are, so being able to use them to upgrade your raft would make sense here.
  • Audio config, I don't know if it's just me but I find the game audio all that little too quiet to hear things going on properly, like the sound of the water, the shark attacking, cooking things, drinking and eating food, and the player character coughing when thirsty.
  • More craftables, I'd like to see some more craftables like beds which you can spawn back at if you happen to die. Boats and the sorts so you can venture the ocean to other places if implementing islands and other stuff you can visit for resources.
  • I'd like to see breaking down items gives you stuff back that was used in the making of it, instead of destroying them completely and getting nothing back.
  • Bigger item stacks, the current item stacks seems too small, I'd like to be able to stack at least 1,000 of each item in one storage slot.

well those are just the few things that come to mind for me anyway. Oh final thing is don't make the shark pass through the raft or attack raft parts that have support beams and walls on them.