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Man so many linux users. I couldn't test my game on linux since I don't have a linux machine.

I have finished your game! I thought you used same idea as mine but nope. Your idea was really neat!

You should be able to resize the window - at least on windows, no idea if you can do it on ubuntu.

Zombies have rather small hitbox compared to their appearances, that was because of wall collision system uses the same hitbox as bullets do. And I have to make them small to fit them better in small spaces. (I made the collision system within jam period lol)

Thank you for feedback!

I haven't tested with linux but someone in the comments managed to run on ubuntu. It might because of your java version maybe?

I have a potential fix (updated libgdx/lwjgl version) but can't upload because uploads are disabled now.

There is no download button. Here's why:

I was able to finish this game hours before deadline but getting a runnable jar file produced errors. Fixing the error took hours and I was able to get runnable file a minute before deadline! And jam ended DURING UPLOAD :( This page created without file.

I'm not able to upload to But if you want to try here is download link:!6kV0CS7K!0z37rc_mb7FZdD0excM8b6qTaXUOWXC8lxRsjNDiEcQ

Here is the game's github page:

Notice the last commit date is before the deadline. This proofs that I finished development before deadline. Thanks for reading.