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Ohh! I'll try that, thank you!

It seems like a great game, honest to the title/desc, but I can't get past being unable to use the arrow keys to forward dialogue on the Mac version. Using the mouse/trackpad could forward TOO MUCH and I'd have to fallback on the dialogue and read from there... Couldn't get past the first 2 choices because of this :/ 

Besides that; Neat looking game tho

Loved this game more and more (finished most of it in 2 days), I had seen it before on my feed but was super skeptical for some reason, and then I got Visual Novel depraved and gave it a shot. Honestly? I fell face-first for half these characters within 5 minutes, and will have a hard time reverting back to reality. Lol

TLDR; Wonderful game, I love that it has solid grammar and actual character art/cgs/music/etc. So; thank you for making this, truly it's just astounding.

**But I gotta ask; Sebby Plush when??

MADE MY DAY to see this in my feed :)))

There is so much I love about this game (even if I've only played the demo), but I just wanted to mention real quick (because I'd write a whole bloody essay about how good this game is, if I could) that I LOVE the characters. Especially after playing the seperate  game with Kay and Clive, I love how much they developed Clive in the demo's release. I just wanted to drop by and say how much I loved your work! <3

This VN is downright amazing, and I hope to play the full release someday soon! Thank you for making it, and I hope everything else is smooth sailing.

When I first played this game a year back or so, I fell face first in love. The demo was amazing, even for its length I could not pause it until the end, I enjoyed every minute of it. (That's why I came back for a second run and to write this comment, even if the project has been put on long-term hiatus.) But in my opinion The Studio/Creators health is way more important. I know that I'll be here when its released fully,

Please take care of yourself!

Drink some water :)

This was such a fun VN, I played it right after discovering your content (from Red-Handed Robin), and I've gotta say...

I wish Dan was a love interest, but besides that this game made me laugh so much! Its amazing!