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Wow nice work! License?

Absolutely wow! I love your work! I will show you my tiny game if its done ;)

perfectly! Thanks.

Hi there! Nice work. Are those loopable?

I love your music! are those all loopable?

Hi Sa Panday! Sure! I added the png-files.

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Thank you for sharing your link! Played it! Nice platformer game :)

Wow! Nice game! I made it to the 3. Stage in de cave. Liked it! Thanks for using my assets.

I LOVE IT!  you did an amazing work.

Hi Monoxyde
Thanks for your purchase! Of course I want to see your tileset and I would love to play your prototype! =)

this looks amazing! But i will wait for my "indieconsoloe"-Nintendo Switch release :D

I really love the idea and the gameplay! Keep on with that good work!

This game feels so good! Good feeling, lovely graphics, nice ideas! Love it :) Greetings from switzerland.

Looks great! Reminds me of gumshoe on nes, which i used t o love! :) i give it a try when i am at home.

sweet! Love your clean style :)

Hi monoxyde! Thanks for your comment! I though this should be for some puzzle platfromer. And a sword doesnt match well this kind of game. But maybe i will add some attack animations and weapons in the next update. I think about it. :)

Hi! You can choose ;) If you want to make a fast platformer make more fps. If your platformer-speed is low, make lower fps :) 

Hi Ellton123! Sure :) Have fun with it.

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Haha dont worry! Just have fun with the tileset :)

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Hi wisecobra. Of course. Use it for what ever you want :) If you want, you can send me a link to your game. I would love to see it in action :)

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Thank you!  I already saw that video and commented it. But youtube doenst show my comment... maybe the author of the video has to publish his commentaries. :)

Finally some western stuff! Good work


beautiful! Great work

brilliant! Loved to play it.

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This looks amazing! Great work! Allowed to modify?

Thank you!

What a great idea! Would love to play it on my phone in the future. Would be fun, if you add a "time" challenge or something that makes the player hurry up a bit. :)