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hi (im not a dev) if you click download now it should take you to the download

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sorry for (extremely) late reply but there is nothing beyond day 2 for now unless the game dev gives up on the game

ok ima screenshot this reply and send it to my friends so they can stfu and thank you for telling me

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fyi i know i probably should have told you this and sent a screenshot but the same image of micah keeps popping up and it lets me choose, my options and everything but it doesnt let me read or do anything properly on the part of messaging/taking to micah example screenshots:

i attempted to play the game further than this and it just keeps popping up i hope this helps you guys. <3

i have a small question, is this game compatable for chromebook because on the bundle it says it has the andriod version but i just want to confirm before downloading

PLEASE make a version for mobile so then my friends stop complaining about it, all i ever hear from them is about how this game isnt for mobile.

if you are willin to do this can you make this compatable for chromebook? i LOVED the game when i had a pc but it broke and i really want to play again

cn you make a vers for chromeboo or andriod?

but you put it on mobile?

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hi when or if you want to do this can you make this accesable to mobile i REALLY want to play but my laptop is broken at a unrepairable point, thank you <3.

ok thank you for telling me this!

hes adorble i love him sm even though the rotten ending was weird

hello i used to have a pc  (it broke) AND i loved the game there is only one simple problem now i have a chromebook and i got the chromebook version of the game and it doesnt work properly

same thing happened with me i think it depends on the divice your using

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The full game IS NOT out yet if you havent noticed by the day 1 and day 2 part on the development log the log will show EVERY update to the game and the creator of this game is trying their best so please be pactient with them <3

no it says 1.4 not 1-4 it only has two days so far

how did you get day 4 its only giving me day 1-2?

i know i already posted my responce to this game but i loved it too much i replayed this game over a thousand times and it never got old i felt so loved my alan so much this game was exactly what i needed and i thank you for making it free <3

maybe make a discord server so then itll be easier to give us updates and tell us an estamate when something may or may not be done.

the file keeps saying forbidden and im not sure why

hello! im not a dev on the game but when you click download now it'll take you to the actual download for the latest version. <3

hello! im not a dev on the game but when you click download now it'll take you to the actual download for the latest version. <3

i LOVED it i cannot wait for more if someone asked me to rate it out of ten it would be a million out of ten

LOVED it i cannot WAIT for more <3

LOVED the game artemis is adorable and such a romantic (in my case) i love the game, the story, the style, and everything else! and i think it would be a great idea if you made a sequal to the game?

i love everything about this game so far i cant wait for the next update :D