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Football Manager 2017 MAC Download Free full game for your MacBook. Here you can download Football Manager 2017 for Mac OS X + Torrent link also available. 100% working ACTiVATED version. To get game, use link below:



Football Manager 2017 (abbreviated to FM17) is a football management simulation video game developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega. It was released on Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux on 4 November 2016.

The Football Manager Sub-Reddit plays any version of Football Manager, but the one that the Reddit XI experiment is based on runs on Football Manager 2017.

Most of the published posts are on Football Manager 2017 or the Mobile version of the game, but it is likely that previous games like Football Manager 2016 or 2015 might show up, and Championship Manager 01-02 is a favourite among players.


Despite Football Manager 2017 having favourable reviews on Metacritic and other reviews, however the game holds a "Mostly Negative" review score overall on Steam. 

This is mostly because of the Chinese players' outrage at there not being a language option that suited them, so they gave negative reviews.

But the Steam reviews might not be very reliable.


Modding and Football Manager go hand in hand, and the Reddit XI team is a fully modded team. Modding the game can be in various ways, editing the database with the official Football Manager Editor, or adding logo packs that enhance the realism of the game.

The Reddit XI team will be using both, as the team is created with the Editor by u/ilovelabradors, and logos and kits made by u/SportingCampeao. But the driving force is the ones that signed up to have their fictional players in the team, with names ranging from Bernát Lukasz to Ilove Nudes.

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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth MAC Download Free full game for your MacBook. Here you can download The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth for Mac OS X + Torrent link also available. 100% working ACTiVATED version. To get game, use link below:



Similar to the original, Rebirth is a top-down 2D roguelike game where the player controls the character Isaac (or 10 unlockable characters) as he adventures throughout his mother's basement, fighting off monsters and collecting power-ups. 

Ultimately, the player aims to first defeat Isaac's mother while she tries to crush him underfoot, then moves inside her, where the player must defeat Isaac's mom's heart.

 Rebirth is considered a roguelike-like game; the dungeon levels are procedurally generated into a number of rooms including at least one boss battle, and the game has permadeath: once the chosen character dies from taking too much damage, the game is over and the player will have to restart. 

Rebirth allows the player to save the state of the game, allowing them to quit the game during a run, and come back later to finish that run, though this save state is deleted upon restarting the game.

The game is controlled similarly to a twin-stick shooter: the player moves their character around the screen while they are able to shoot the tears that they cry in another direction. 

These tears act as bullets to defeat enemies that try to harm the player-character. The player-character's health is tracked by a number of hearts: the character can find items that can replenish hearts while others grant the character additional hearts, extending their health. 

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Life Is Strange MAC Download Free full game for your MacBook. Here you can download Life Is Strange for Mac OS X + Torrent link also available. 100% working ACTiVATED version. To get game, use link below:


Life Is Strange is set in the fictional town of Arcadia Bay, Oregon, and is told from the perspective of Maxine "Max" Caulfield (Hannah Telle), a twelfth grade student attending Blackwell Academy during October 2013. 

During photography class with her teacher Mark Jefferson (Derek Phillips), Max experiences a vision of a lighthouse being destroyed by a swelling tornado. Leaving for the restroom to regain her composure, she witnesses classmate Nathan Prescott (Nik Shriner) kill a woman in a fit of rage. In a single, sudden effort, she develops the ability to rewind time and rescues the girl, revealed to be her childhood friend Chloe Price (Ashly Burch). The two reunite and go for a walk at the lighthouse, where Max reveals to Chloe her capacity to travel back in time. It is established that the vision is rather the reckoning of a future event: a storm approaching the town.

The next day, Max observes fellow student Kate Marsh (Dayeanne Hutton) being bullied for a viral video depicting her kissing several students at a party.Meeting Chloe at the diner where her mother Joyce (Cissy Jones) wo

rks, they decide to experiment with Max's power at Chloe's secret scrapyard hideout. 

However, strain causes Max to have a nosebleed and faint. Chloe takes her back to Blackwell, but class is halted when everyone is called out to the courtyard. 

Kate commits suicide by jumping off the roof of the girls' dorm. Max manages to rewind and time stops unexpectedly as she reaches Kate, giving Max the opportunity to convince her to come down. 

Max ultimately resolves to uncover what happened to Kate and Chloe's missing friend Rachel Amber. 

Max and Chloe break into the principal's office that night to investigate and enter the pool for a swim before evading David Madsen (Don McManus), head of security at Blackwell and Chloe's stepfather, and fleeing back to Chloe's place.

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While we had fun developing this game, met some new friends and expanded Divergence's capabilities in the process, the returns have not been sufficient to warrant taking it as far as we would have liked. It brings a lot of new things to the Zombie Survival genre including the "one universal server" connecting all players in the world, a highly-advanced building system and realtime freeform combat. Regrettably under Valve's current policies, this game cannot both pay it's fees and still have enough left over to enable full-time development. To survive, many indie developers have (frankly) resorted to turning their games into an item-mall and/or making up their losses by selling (and thus requiring players to buy) DLC even while still in Early Access. We are simply not willing to do such and will devote to other options.

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