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wowee the ending stopped me from ever replaying this game again /_\ <3

Awesome game, reminds me of that one webgame- I think it was called Accelerator? 

This is a really good game and I like it

This is awesome and also way too much effort for a lil cup of tea ^^

Mushroom: The Ruckus is a 2D top-down hack-n-slash type deal where you play as a mushroom with a vendetta against his kind.

Link to Super Displacement!

Super Displacement is a hectic, fast-paced shooter where the player's job is to shoot enemies and avoid getting bounced into the walls.

Sounds fun? If it does, this game is for you. If it doesn't, then this game is probably still for you. If you're on the fence about your decision to play this game, the game is absolutely for you. If you categorically hate fun- this game is not for you, I'm sorry.

Still play it, though.