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Alex H (LydianChord)

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This is really good! The soundtrack is especially fitting!

Thanks, kc! I do want to expand on this world some more, but I'm not sure what the best platform would be yet. For now, just assume it was pretty much a mutually assured destruction situation in the far future lol

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!


Thanks! Yeah, I figured having a harsh penalty would be okay in this case since the game is pretty short and the player should fail at least a few times before figuring out what works best for them.

Thanks! I was considering adding something like that, but PICO-8 has pretty strict limits on a lot of things, including numbers, which wrap around at 32767. I'd have to change a lot of the code that handles distance to create a workaround (Internally, the distance is higher than what you see on screen). Maybe in the future though, if I feel like revisiting this game.

Thanks, Nami!

Oh, nice! Most of the people who've given me feedback said the game was too hard, but you did it!

This is really cool! The world is fun to explore, and I especially like the music. It is kind of confusing to navigate, but that's part of the charm of Yume Nikki-style games

Hm, I did sort of get a Madoka vibe from the characters when I was writing theme songs for them, but I didn't really think about it actively either. It is one of my favorite anime though, and I probably have been influenced by how Yuki Kajiura composes character themes! Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Here's my bandcamp:

I recently wrote the soundtrack for Her Tears Were My Light by NomnomNami, which is a great short visual novel to check out if you have about an hour to spare!

Hi, I'm the composer! I'm a huge fan of Nami's games, and I'm open to collaborating with her again in the future, so hopefully you'll get to hear similar music in another game!