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Good game! It was fun doing things in the order I wanted.

This changed the way I see the world and stuff.

Some battles are a little too hard in my opinion :). Thanks for playing!

great game

-Να φάει τα σκουλίκια

-Να μην φάει τα σκουλίκια

Δύσκολη απόφαση :)


There already is a direction indicator in the game but it is hidden on the release version lol. I might enable it if more people ask for it. Thanks for playing!

Great presentation and the idea is interesting. The only thing that I personally don't like is the qr code part of the game.

I really like the style and the multiple endings are fun to find. Great work!

I liked how the ending works. Great game.

Great work!

Thanks :)

"Also getting up from the bottom of the world felt a little tedious..." Yeah I agree with you on that. This has also to do with the fact that the cave area was not finished :) The map was bigger at one point lol and I just cut some parts and prayed to the gamedev gods that everything will just work. About the items: No, there is not a 100% system in the game. If you collect more than 8 items you can just go to your home and win. Anyway, thanks for checking the game out.

Having to check every library in map 3 was funny. I hate map 2. I died too many times :(

A relaxing game. I like how simple the controls are. Just click to build or cut and move with the arrow keys. Also the start menu is great. Good job.

The black hole looks really good.

Cute game. The poop part was funny lol.

About the "make the different areas more different"  part, I wanted to have small events in the world for specific areas but then I remembered that this is a gamejam and didn't do it :( Thanks for playing.  The code is under the MIT.

Thank you :) Never heard of it. Is it a game from the Knytt developer? I found something on google and it looks fun.

Looks great and works great too! Reminds me of Spore.

I can test it on linux.

That death sound :) Fun game.

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btw there is an option in Godot that lets you bundle the .pck file with the .exe file.

OK I clicked the mouse 100 times :) A fun experience.

Did you make the game with the Godot Engine? I get a ".pck file missing" error. btw I use Linux so maybe it's my fault.

The ending is great!

Looks great! I also like the small windows that pop up when you interact with something.

Cool game. At first it was hard for me to get used to the way the cat moves, but when I did it was fun.


WOW that looks cool!

The gameplay is really good! Wall jumps are easy to do, the guns are interesting, ...

I found an error in the Linux version. If you die, there is a change that the game will stop working.

Cute relaxing game. After this game you need to make a D4 demake lol. The only thing that would be nice to have is a fullscreen option.

Cute game. I'm really bad at Celeste lol.

Cool game. Would be interesting to see more rooms in the house.

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Cool game but feels a little hard. Maybe adding stormtrooper aim would make it easier for a noob like me.

Cool  game.

Love the sprite generation. Nice work.

I like the playful way the tutorial is laid out. Reminds me of nintendo for some reason. Its easy to use and that makes me happy :D Here is my first Project:

Love the font and I use it often. I made a game recently with this font. Here is the link:

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