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love using the tool:D keep up the good work

Thanks for playing :D I'll check it out later. Thanks for letting me know.

Nice work. The physics are good.

Cute characters, nice vibes... I like it!

Pretty game with pretty places. Found a bug in the room that you get a gun. After talking to the npc I couldn't walk.

Big boi!

Reminds me of a shadow theater (but with color :D) or cut out animation. Nice art style

Sounds interesting. I'm waiting to play both of your games😁

I'm not joining this jam... but I had this idea for a small sized game.

There is this func in godot: _draw(). Maybe someone could make a game with Asteroids graphics. Try to not make a copy of Asteroids, but a game that has this art style. Here is a link to the Godot docs about custom drawing in 2D:

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I tried to download it and couldn't play. It may be a problem on my part but I'm letting you know. (It says something about UnityPlayer.dll was not found)


Nice! My real life experience with the shower has made me a pro in this game.

The different faces that she makes are adorable! I feel like a monster for making her suffer... A clever idea that is hard to control :D

Good Job! This is really a good idea for a puzzle game. I find also the connection between the characters cute :D (something cold dreaming of something hot)

I made one now! (I don't know if it works. Try it and tell me.)

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There are two .rar files. Can you tell me the name of the file that has the problem; You can try downloading the .zip file (I hope this helps).

Nice idea!

There are also chess variants:

This website lets you play them against a bot or a friend.

I love the idea but the enemies could be faster :D

Sorry for the loud music... :D  Yes i am.

Welcome to the club :D
This is my game (If anyone wants to play)

I made a game but a did something wrong and the game is not in the jam...

Just do it!


Hi we can team up if you want.

Hey nice music! I'm a newbie programmer using the Godot 3 engine and I do also some pixelart.

Hope to hear back.