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Happy to have supported and bought Darling Duality! What a fun game, omfg. The immersion in such a short amount of time was nothing short of being on par with going to the movies on release day in a dark cinema with the best popcorn and a delicious slushie. I loved the story you told and I would love to have more of it-- even if it was a book! The idea of a character being brought into "our world" and falling in love with the MC has been done before, sure, but what makes this VN unique is Castor. He/She emphasizes they are their own person, and I love how it brought a depth to the game. I'd love another VN where we get to play the game our MC played, and get to see Castor in his/her glory before being brought into our world. I'll be sure to check out other works of yours! Thank you again for an incredible experience. 

Ahh I saw that this will release in July according to Steam. So psyched!