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I promise to never leave you behind

You are always on my mind

Because you are one of a kind

If I lose you, I will break my mind

Another day, another night

All the time, our life is a fright

I am hidding out of her sight

It's up to you do do what's right!

Just an idea, if you can, could you please try making a evil YouTubers game?

(Maybe include Ryan and yourself!)

Thanks for making amazing games! Sadly I have to watch Ryan play them because I have a Mac but when I get my new PC, this is the first game I'm going to download!

Horror Game+8-BitRyan=PLAY 24/7

Short Stroy:

Me: *Reads Story*

Me:It says the character's name is Ryan

My Friend (Maddy): There are millions of Ryan's, it's probably not 8-BitRyan.

Me:*Starts game and hear the voice*

I am also working on this with my friends Mikayla (@sunless_niko on Tik Tok/ & Instagram), Anticeleste (@anticeleste & @antiandfriendos on Tik Tok/ & Instagram) and Caitlynn (@8bitryannn on Instagram)

Voice Lines: AlexaGaming: Alexa Aishi  8-BitRyan/Main Player: Ryan Till (8-BitRyan)  Lewis:Lewis Dawkins (Dawko/Dawkosgames)   Rhys: Rhys Williams (Razzbowski)   Will: William Alexander Ryan (Dagames)  Baz/Other Ryan: Ryan Bushell (Bazamalam)

Update: Almost done with the characters, I've decided to add some voice lines along with some characters. Thank you Dan Salvato for helping with the glitches and file editing, thank you Yandere Dev for making the free roam and thank you Scott Cawthon for helping make the trailer with hidden lore for brightning things and rewinding!

Quick thank you to Scott Cawthon, Dan Salvato and Yandere Dev for the help!

Update: Hi, I'm doing an update everyday! I just want to say it will take a long time to work on this project since I still need to finish learning how to code!

Hi guys, for now you can see the files of what it will look like