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It's amazing how a game as simple as this can be so fun when done right. Where can i get the soundtrack in the menu? It's nice.

Hello! I am no moderator or tech support but i suppose this page can help
Try contacting the developer of the game first before emailing


I've been stuck for way too long on that one level at the start where you must choose the paths. Unless there are some sort of solutions somewhere, i'm not gonna try and keep going again, too much frustration killed my will to keep trying that path level.

Until i find some walktrough or you tell me how to do that, i'm just gonna stop here.

I still do not get how can it be so hard to be able to use the keyboard. i have only one controller.

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*sigh* Then i guess i'll have to use Wine...  EDIT: Or not, because it can only run windows programs.

It would be nice to have a downloadable version of this...

Beautiful game. Reminds me of the good ol' Ace Combat.

can you please port this game to linux? thanks.

I love this game, but please, make it so that you have a crew in sandbox, or to join an AI crew. i dont like to play alone. expecially when there is no soul in any server.

What does priming do?

Dude, the linux version of the game doesn't work at all. judging from the launcher, the version is only for x32 bit. will you make it x64 as well? all i get is launcher, i open the game, (made with unity pesonal edition screen) and crashes.