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I just sat here for an hour and a half and thought 10 minutes went by! Amazing to relax.

Good game! Love the music, love the graphics, simple and nice. Maybe change the font of the ft on the bottom right to toboto thin, that would fit the modern style of the game. (Love the feature to play in the title screen)

Simple but fun!

I really liked playing your game. Of course some things are missing like sound, music... But the cam movement was really great. Sometimes I noticed that if I run into an enemy, I cant die.  Good!

Great Game!

Only thing: make an option, that allows you to switch to mouse for aiming.

The game is great! Please make more levels and let the characters move faster. It's awsome!

Wow, good job! It made fun :)

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Hello, i just played a while, looked at the code, and nothing happened with the apple. Nothing was invisible or something, I am sorry i couldn't fix it, maybe you have downloaded a older Version of the game? Could you send me a video or something, so I could try to fix it. If you have Discord you can write a DM to me. 

Alex S

Yes, you can :). Thanks for your feedback!