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I'll totally wait for the full release, love the mc, the choices, love the game!! <3

I can't say the same for our boy X'D but I'm so curious to see what is going to happen!!  (but gosh why he needs to be so cute??? asuigfiagfa)

I was excited to play this one and dfjdjsdahadhs you didn't disappoint me aaaah this was so good! I chose Kisha and I loved him so much!! 

(I was a little sad when I saw it was a demo, but after playing and seeing how complex it is, I get why lol and I can't wait to see what is going to happen 😬😥)





When Alto does the flowers crown I was like "if he does not wear this I'm going to get pissed" and DHdsjsdjjddhd thank you so much for that CG 😭♥️♥️♥️ fbsfnfhfsj

Also… I got a little bitter with Sol 🤣🤣🤣I don't want yet to see his side of the story I'm still mad with what happened lol jyjtssjtfk

Gosh, this game was sooooo good, I loved all the characters so much T-T, THIS IS NOT RIGHT!! how they can be so loveable?!?! fduahuid and it'hurts to know that is a demo aaaaaah I need more interactions of MC and Taylor they are so cute!!! JfzfksdsjjfajF gosh... I want to live in this world T-T 

Again this is amazing, y'all did such fantastic work, the art is beautiful! The writing is so good!! And I can't wait for the full release❤️❤️❤️

Gosh this demo was so goood!! I loved the characters they are all so pretty and amazing!! 

hiuahsuau this game was so goood!! I loved Kassian!! ToT <3333

I really enjoyed this game!! I live for a stalker X'D that I have to go with the worst choice just to see what would happen srjettjssjsfsjf and I'm not disappointed!

And I enjoyed MC's personality! I really have fun playing with her XD

                                                                                                                I also was very happy to see the game was available in Portuguese, but I have a couple of issues with the translation, the choice to wear the necklace makes the game stop, I don't remember now what error was, but I had to go back in English to continue 

but, it didn't bother me I have a really great time playing! 

Omg! I have to say this game is so wonderful!! gosh it’s so cozy and soft I really wanted to give it a try on Alaris before this DLC, but since I saw you would work on it, I prefer to wait so I could see who character I would like more! 

So I have to play all the routes!! and dahduasidshf Kuna'a is already my favorite jgdhDdajfajfj I love everything about his route :'D and gosh I need more!

the song choice is so good! fit so well with the moment and I love the snow falling it was so adorable! 

we were really rooting for you! and was so good that you and your team did it in time! 

I really enjoyed it! all the characters were really fun! and the story was very interesting :D 

omg!!! I loved it so much!! it was so much fun! and gosh the "battle" was so funny X'D all the dialogues were amazing!

and the characters are so well done!! Alicia fdsgayfdgsayygdasfy I'm in love with her ToT

waaah this was fantastic!! I was really excited to see this game when I saw you working on :D 

and I don’t regret it, gosh what experience!! you and your team were amazing to bring such good story and amazing art!! it was so melancholy but it had some fun moments aaah it was everything! <333

and I loved so bad Ilona and Edwin such an amazing dynamic they have! :’D

Gosh I loved it!! I'm for sure going to wait for the next chapters!!! It was pure fun! 

The teacher omg I love him so bad!! <3333

I mean all the characters were amazing and I loved each single one!! and the art was so beautiful!!

OMG!! this was so fun :'D I didn't know that I need it until I have it XD 

oh gosh this game was so sweet!!! 

the characters, the friendship! THE ART! gosh everything was so good!! and fun! I loved it so much!! <333

Now I need to check out Lovewood! 

I had a great time playing this!! I really love point and click games and was good to see in the jam <33 

also you did amazing in the art!! it was so pretty,  I loved it! 

it will be weird to say that I enjoyed the end? :'D I was suspecting about MC but I didn't expect that end XD and it was great lol