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UPDATE: My engine doesn't want to update and it doesn't want to export :I. So no prototype for you (yet)

God those cheezy jokes

Hello, i was thinking and came up whit an idea for a game - a game where you build your own subway!

Heres an quick idea sketch i made on paint:

So if i understand correctly, i NEED to use the secoundary theme, right?

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Game link:

Crash Street is a game about protecting cars from unsuspecting dangers - broken roads, dangerous road derbis etc.

It's currently a prototype.

Crash Street community · Created a new topic Bugs

Bug reports.

If you are reporting a bug you should write:

- How to replicate it:

(Eg. you select the pusher car and drive into the building)

-  Description of a bug:

(Eg. the car goes trough the building)

- Screenshot:


The car going trough the building:


- Save game

(Eg. save file = www./Dropbox-Ripoff/My-Deposit/

Please include this because i want to fix the bug, not think a year "What the hell do i do?".

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I am making a game for a game jam. An simple platformer. And i am wondering how do i implement a thing that you can climb on (the game is 2d). Like you dont have a mini ladder on a shelf! (I mean art, not how to do it)

I think jam games REQUIRE to be free

Report bugs here!


Yeah i think i didn't explain this enough. And to jump over the friend you need to climb the ladder (The up arrow) and go to the edge of the trailer and jump.

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Honestly i like the third (going from the top like 1,2,3,4). Also again thanks for voluntering.

Thanks for getting in contact! Im looking for some 3 - 10 Soundtracks. I would gladly accept happy and chiptune soundtracks. Here's an example music that i found:

You can make it when you want, but it needs to be happy, elevator or chiptune. It can't be sad. To give you context, main game is played in an airplane, delivering items to guests. I will gladly put you in the credits.

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Woah it looks amazing! Im sorry that i can't support you.

Help me! Im making a game named "Flying chaos" and its a game where in short you deliver things to guests whit diversity on an airplane. I dont know what genre it is!

Please help

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Yeah did some resarch (i searched colorblindness people see on google and selected "pictures")

It was too hard :I

Please look at my page (in the link). It explains the colorblindness.

And yes, black and white colorblindness exists.

Extra extra!

Im not using godot anymore :I.

Good whit a sprinkle of stress.

A beginer too

Thanks for the support, it's the first game ever that im making public, and yes - "Revifle-Monarch Studios" was right, its supposted to be dark because the character is colorblind (eg. can see black, grey and white).

Give me ideas or suggestions down below:

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3rd screenshot

I made the first bugged world (where friends are friends and enemies are enemies) also the dude flying is not brighter, because he wasn't included in the process of making him neutral.2nd Screenshot

How do you like the little tilt in the menu? Rate below:

Im making the game  named "Thruthfull". In this game you play as Michael - A colorblind man. You will see instructions, those are lies. Reverse colors say the truth. I wont spoil the rest. (Click me to go to the trello)

1st Screenshot:

Extra, extra!:

Im gotta upload my 2nd prototype on for free (not submitting).

(Click me to go to the site)

Are drag n' drop engines allowed? (I want to use GDevelop 5)

Me too!