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very funny

awesome! but a bit frustrating at times lol

this is very nice, i try to make something you did with my game but i run out of time. anyway cool game!!

super creative mechanic well done! if you plan to continue with the development i would suggest put some kind of goal or score.

super cool game! very relaxing a bit of explanation would be awesome but over all its a wonderful game! and has also a very cool art style!

Awesome very creative! the collision some times were a little frustrating and aslo that you need al the pink creatures and even if you win the level you have to restart because you need more of them for the next level, but its a really awesome game

also in this level my pink creature go up the dice lol 

very good looking game! maybe we could improve the mechanics

the game made me hungry i think its a nice sign. well done! continue making games!

the pixel art is very good looking! and the intro is awesome! 

very well done! i see some inspiration in previous jams but it's ok it's a very complete game!

i laugh a lot with my wife ahahah. The concept, the art, the animation everything was with a lot of detail and everything was so much fun. Thank you and keep making games!!!

very cuteee!

nice game very cuutee chicks

Thank youu, it was my first Jam and i work in weekends so i have a very short period of time to do it, anyway thank you for playing!

thank youu ♥

Good Job! its very original

Beautiful!!! i love it