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Thank you! I made them by myself with Aseprite. Some are inspired by other pixel arts or images, some are completely invented, but everything is created by me.

I will try to find out what causes this

Thank you! Working on fixes! :D

Thank you! I will try to fix it!

Thank you! I will try to fix them as fast as I can! :D

Hi! Thank you! Yes, the story its something like this, but its not completed yet.

Very nice game! Good work!

Thank you! I'm trying to remove every scene jump in the full version, specially when you go working or searching for the girl. 

Thank you! :D

Thank you for support! :D

Thank you! :D

Think you! Im glad you liked it!

Thank you, i will try to fix all the spelling errors in the complete game!

Thank you! And yes you will actually see whats going on with the goat with the balls by the way😂

Hope you'll get jumpscared in the full game! xD

Hi! I loved your video, thank you for gameplay! :D

Hi! I loved the game and the initial animation was unique and cool! Good work keep it up!

Thank you!

Thank you for support! :D

Really scary game! Good work!

Hi, really cool game,  I enjoyed playing it, the only thing that I think can be improved are the blood writings, try to make them a bit darker, just like real blood. Despite that, good work! :D

Unique game! That jumpscare got me!

Thank you for gameplay! :D

xD thank you for playing!

Thank you so much :D! yes i know it ends bad right now ahah, I'm trying to add new things everyday to have a good completed game :)

Thank you for gameplay! I'm glad you liked the demo :)

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I'm happy you enjoyed ;D

Thank you, I'm glad you had fun playing!


Thank youu! :D

Oh I noticed that now, thank you! I'll fix that :D

Thank you for playing! :D I'm happy you liked it!

Thank you for playing! The version you played was the first ever build of the game, and yes it was filled with bug, today I published the last update of the demo, with a lot of improvement! :D

Thank you for support! :D

Thank you for gameplay! :D

Thank you :D

By the way, I'm going to add toilet flushing xD

Thank you for playing, I'm happy you liked it! :D

Thank you :D!

Thank you very much for the gameplay! Hope you enjoyed! Check the new version (only the play-in-browser version got updated)! :D