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Alec McClure

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I wish you could press a button to start a new game.  It takes a while to reload each time you refresh.

Created a new topic WebGL

The project needs to be marked as HTML (instead of downloadable) and the webgl zip marked as playable in browser window in order for it to run.

Awesome concept!  I feel like music would go a long way in setting up the atmosphere.

I dig the mood with all the browns.  Maybe adding some flickering flames to light the way will elevate that feeling ?

Nice atmospheric sounds, but I wish there was more feedback for the player for hitting/missing/being hit.

You can glitch out on the Rage by slipping past the trigger.  

Who wrote this?

Great work, but don't forget the playtesting log!

It's not ready yet 🙈.  I just needed to submit a page for Playcrafting.

theres no game :(

Awesome work!

when you hit the download link, click "no thanks, just take me to the dl"

is it on github?

I just rated it and posted some thoughts. I didn't see any obvious glitches at all and the loading screen did seem to work perfectly. Does the loading screen serve a functional purpose or is it simply intended to transition the player from one screen to another?

I think Parsons will be great for pushing your thinking outside the box to make truly original content. That's really what I'd love to see in your work.

If you ever have a chance to take a class with Ernesto Klar, I highly recommend doing so. It looks like he's currently teaching BFA DT Thesis 1 with Kyle Li. Who are your instructors for those classes?

how's it going?? what classes are you taking?

still on the infinite runner kick?

paying is optional. just click through

Thanks for the video. I'm glad you found it strange! Watching your playthrough is making me want to fix all of the bugs that I forgot about :p