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Latest version of Chrome. Here's my attempt trying to play it:

I tried to play your game but I can't get past the title screen. I'm able to navigate between Start Game and Exit but it just freezes when I select one of them :(

A fun and challenging game! I like the endless nature this game has the potential to be. 
Some feedback: I don't think the battery is necessary and it feels like it was added there to work with the optional theme. I've never ran out of battery because I simply time the Up key when the ghost is near.

I could definitely see this game being on a real nokia 3310. The puzzles were challenging, especially the last level, the music was great and I loved the ending ringtone! :)

Thanks for all of the feedback! :)
I'm glad you noticed the unique take on the theme cause I wasn't sure if people would have noticed it.

Thanks for playing and for the compliments! 

Absolutely, iIt was a pleasure working with you! :)

Thanks for playing! I appreciate the feedback!

Thank you for checking out my game! :)
I really appreciate it because it gives me so much motivation to do better on my next game (which I've been working on while the jam has been halted).

I saw your message from the RPG Maker discord and I got curious because you said you had no dialogue in your game.

It was a short, but fun little story. I really like the character animations. You did a great job with them! Honestly, you should consider getting rid of the pictures. Since every picture was made by a different artist, it detracts from the immersion. The body language from the sprites spoke louder than the pictures too.

I think you should add gameplay as well. You can design gameplay elements that don't require text or tutorials. Maybe some puzzles? Just a thought.

Overall, good job!

I watched AngrySmile's playthrough and something about this game drew me into it. So I downloaded it and played it myself. The graphics are really good. You took the time to animate certain parts of the game and it works well. If you keep it up, I can see you making amazing graphics in a few years. I was surprised that the AI responded well and it didn't make it difficult to pass by them.

If you want improvements, here are some suggestions from me:

  • Add more objectives. Maybe make it where you need to collect a certain amount of objects around the map and then head to the correct path to complete the level.
  • Add items. Maybe you could add a single use item to kill the ghost so that the player can use it before they are about to die. There could also be an item that boosts your speed or gives you immunity for a few seconds.
  • Add a story. It doesn't need to be long or good. Just give us a reason why there are ghosts around the park and why you're the only person alive.

Great job with the game! I see a lot of potential in you and I hope you continue to develop more games!

Wow, thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. 

I appreciate the feedback on the dungeon because I haven't received any feedback on it so I wasn't sure about the difficulty. I'm curious which switch you haven't found yet. Let me know how you like the ending if you decide to complete it.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! :)

I love the graphics in the game! You did an amazing job! The music fits well with the aesthetics as well. The gameplay is simple but has a lot of potential. I'm interested to see what else you can come up with for level designs using the telekinesis mechanic + levitation.

The enemies have too much HP. I think you should make them die in 1 full charge of your hand laser. It's the first level after all. I'm not sure if this is intentional but if I jump on a cube, it damages me. I think you should remove collision from the enemy parts after they die. It makes it difficult trying to move past areas where there's a bunch of enemies. You should use the food as an item. For example: levitate the food towards the alien and they get distracted by eating it or something as simple as healing you.

Also, I failed the tutorial :)
When I tried placing the blocks, it immediately jumped to the left. I think it might be the collision interfering with it. Maybe you should space it out a little more to prevent this.

Overall, great game! I had fun with it.

Great platforming game! It reminds me of the N64 era of games where you collect stuff. I'm impressed with how polished this game is with the amount of time for the jam. It almost feels like a commercial game.

Something to note: I had to retry Vaitus 2 times to figure out where I was supposed to go (I was stuck at 6 fuels). The reason why is because I thought the buttons spawned an alien after you pressed E rather than using one of your own alien as weight to open the gates.  "1 more button to push" is vague and pressing the E option showed up to grab the alien (basically I assumed you press E twice to get an alien).

There's an issue with the collision because I was able to jump through a bunch of walls and ground.  I think you should reduce/remove the intensity of the sun and make it bright after the time is up. I was able to collect 10 fuels but I lost my way back to the ship because the screen was way too bright. It's stressful enough being under a time limit. I think you should combine every objective in the planet so there's only one selection. Why? Because if I'm able to collect 15 fuel during my 10 fuel run, then why should I waste my time replaying the same level? You can switch to a star system like in Angry Birds. 10 fuels = 1 star, 15 fuels = 2 stars, 20 fuels = 3 stars.

Overall, great game! It's no surprise you guys were the champions of the previous jam.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

The graphics are great! Worth the 500mb download. I like the gameplay too, I grew up playing a lot of platforming games. I felt that the solar flare took way too long, especially whenever I was already near the shade. You should reduce the duration but make it do more damage because the warning already gives you enough time to find a safe area. I think you should change the controls too. It would be easier to play this game with Space bar + D-pad rather than WASD. My reasoning behind this is because while you're wall jumping, you need to hold the direction in order to perform it. It's easier to split the work between your hands rather than doing it all with one hand. I even tested this by remapping WASD to my D-pad.

Overall, great job on the game! Now I want some tacos.

Also, I crashed the game somehow while I was wall jumping.

Thanks for playing! :D

Maybe you should change the orientation from landscape to portrait. If you think about it, it makes sense because that's how most people use their phone unless they're taking pictures. Or maybe you could allow the phone to swipe up and down instead of clicking to see the options. I hope this helps, goodluck!

This was a really fun game! The graphics might look basic, but the gameplay is polished! My only complaint was using E to shoot, which interfered with movement. I had to move my finger from D to E every time. When I remapped E to my left mouse button, it felt much better.

Sorry about the difficult spike. It was hard to balance the gameplay since there are only 12 battles in the game. 

Thanks for the compliments! :D

I didn't get all of the endings. I wanted to try out a bunch of submissions to provide feedback to people. But I might revisit this one later :)

Thanks for the compliments and for your suggestions on Discord! I've implemented a few of them like adding a visual marker for the green elements and making the enemy respawn away from the player. It's definitely a less frustrating experience now

Thanks for providing me feedback! I'm planning to make changes to lower the difficulty and have a smarter AI. It's a bit difficult to optimize a balanced experience since there are only 12 battles in the entire game.

It's a short but nice visual novel! I'm sad what happened to Ylivea cause she was starting to be my favorite character. I didn't expect that twist with Marol without saying any spoilers (I got the Marol ending). 

I know it's a 15 minute game but I feel like the characters could have been more developed. When that thing happened to Zan, I didn't really care about him which heavily influenced my decision so I feel that most players would probably do the same. Decisions should be difficult to make, if that makes sense. It would have been interesting to see more routes taken in the story. I'm wanna know how Marol developed that drug.

Overall, great job on the game!

You should change the colors. It's really hard to know what's hazardous. I think you should also add instructions for each planet as you move into them. I had a hard time figuring out how to pass through the green (jungle?) level. Otherwise, it's a fun game!

I already commented on the game page but I'll comment here as well. This game is really great and you can tell the developer put a lot of thought process into the level designs. The graphics are also top notch! Good job!

I am shocked to see  no comments on your game. The graphics are amazing, the animations are fluid and overall, the game feels so polished!

I had an issue with the bats. The radius to trigger it is short and it moves really fast. Maybe you should add a 1 second animation that shows that the bat will attack you.

Also, I'm not sure what the objective is other than collecting candy (I ended up getting 40 of them). I was exploring the entire game and the underground cave collecting candy but couldn't find a way to finish the game.

Overall, great work on the game! I really liked it!

I played the original version that Diagno posted on Discord. It was really rough. I'm glad you guys decided to fix the camera because it's much more playable now. Also, I'm not sure if this is intentional but I climbed up the crystals and cheated a bit on Rubixia haha (I just wanted to know if it was possible). The graphics are amazing! Definitely eye catching!

Great job on the cutscenes! I love them. The gameplay is simple but straightforward. I also liked the moon that looked like the one in Majora's Mask.

As much as I enjoyed the cutscenes, I think you should add a button to skip them because once you die, you'll have to rewatch it. If you want to make the game a bit more challenging, maybe you should add limitations like weapon reloading or limited fuel or you need to hold WASD to lift up and if you don't you slowly fall down (if that one makes sense).

Overall, great work!

The atmosphere in this game is amazing. I got to the third stage. I wasn't too sure where to go but I like the subtle platforming element to the game. One thing I would recommend is making the markers (the things that display the text) more noticeable. It sorta blends in with the environment. I think you should lower the mouse sensitivity a bit too. I also like how the land is in hexagonal pieces. It reminds me of Catan. Great work!

I'm glad you added "fun" options to pick from. I had a good laugh at the non-terrian person's response. I think you should show all of the options at once instead of showing it one by one. It'll be a better player experience.

Also, I like how you included both male and female characteristics. We don't know if aliens are binary biologically speaking so it's open to the player's interpretation.

I think you need to add objectives. So let's say you need to collect X amount of specific sized planets in order to proceed. Then add in some "bad" planets that could damage your planet but not kill you something like the ring system in 2D Sonic games. I think you should also change the controls to WASD/D-Pad. That control scheme feels dated, like the old Resident Evil games on PS1.

Let's face it, the visuals are cute! ;)

First of all, I love the soundtrack! It's got chiptune vibes. The gameplay has a lot of potential. The wall climbing reminded me of Ninja Gaiden and the ceiling climbing makes so much sense since the character is a frog! One issue I had at the beginning of level two is that there's an enemy that you really can't kill unless you take damage. Maybe make the log closer or add more space to the platform? Otherwise, great work on the game!

I read the tutorial a few times and I still have no idea why I keep dying. I think you should have a button to skip the tutorial because you already have an option on the main menu. Maybe after you've seen it once, you can turn it off on the next playthrough. It's not a great experience to press Enter or click 10 times after each death.

The visuals are really nice! I love the color palette you used!

I had a hard time figuring out what a gas planet was so I wasn't even able to get past the first level. I think you should make it more visually clear. Using the eyes as HP is really clever!

Wow, the graphics are amazing and unique! The soundtrack fits really well too. It sounds mysterious. I think you should add a tutorial to make it clear what the objectives are. Also, maybe you should animate the entrance to the goddess's house because it took me a while to figure out that's where I needed to go.

I love the graphics and the gameplay! The level design is well executed because the first area basically teaches you how the game works without any tutorial. And the footsteps are a nice subtle hint to navigating the map. Great work! 

Oh, sorry I already found a team. Goodluck though!

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Hi there, I'm a beginner pixel artist looking for a team! I'd like to use this jam to improve my skills and meet some awesome people. Most of my experience is in low res pixel art (like SNES or GBA). I have experience with RPG Maker but I can adapt to any engine and I'm pretty much open to any game concept.

I'm PST / UTC-7, feel free to reach out on Discord: Aldu#5050

Here's a sample of a project I previously worked on: