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I absolutely love the weapons and originality!

Got it ;D

So you can only rate games if you participated in the Jam right?

Okay, thanks. I'll try it out. I don't have Apple ID so I couldn't download half the other softwares. This seems to be online.

Well you did what you were supposed to do :P

Seems interesting! Keep up the work!

Oh wow, thank you!

I like that it has a female main :) Most packs have only male main chars

Good to know, thanks.

Nah I'm good.

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Hey, I think this is pretty cool. I only use Python! Definitely going to download this after writing this comment. Sorry you had to deal with the people below...

My potato Mac can't download it quick enough. Maybe it's Google or my wifi?

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I mean a bit rude but I guess I could see why? Haven't downloaded myself because I'm a kid with no money. Not to mention you added this pack to your collection "Supported by Zabbo Games"

Lovely game!

I would suggest trying to make the game available on Mac and Linux. Changing the name of the downloadable file from to the game's title would be a bit more cleaner. Obviously these are nitpicky things xD

Would it be possible for a .zip file? I'm on macOS and can't open a .rar file. Also not allowed 3rd-party software by my parents.. xD

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Will you be updating this with 4 side enemy animations? If not that's okay, understandable :)

Also would there be a info file for how to split the tiles? Like width/height and x/y coords? Again, if not its fine! 

Not meant for Mac + SDL (graphics) issue (I'm not the dev)

I wonder what this means:

Credit is not necessary, but if you create something using this tileset I'd be happy to see your work (you can comment with a link).

Wow geez

Oooh thats a good idea! 

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I feel like the 2000 was an accident, perhaps meant 2?  The system fro setting a price is pretty weird

There is a small, minor bug, I've experienced it and some other screenshots show it too. When you unpause the game, the button still shows paused. Other than that, amazing game! Love the inventory system, I always find that fascinating!

When I opened the application from the download link on this site, it says "libresprite quit unexpectedly"

Doesn't work on my Mac. Says download is unavailable.

The Bandcamp link provided doesn't exist.

You're from Scratch...


I use Python as my language and the library/set of modules Pygame. I use Pygame to, well, develop games. Zero other frameworks or engines. Pure Python! Visual Studio Code to write my code.

By the way MacOS users, there is a program like this. Go to Finder, Applications, Utilities, and then find the application 'Digital Color Meter' it comes preinstalled. 

I think everything is amazing but the character doesn't fit too well with the theme or the rest of the pack in my opinion. While the art style is consistent and the same, a boxy, fat cat doesn't make much sense to me. Good job though!

Oh okay cool! I'll try out the game  update review!

Lol I should try out a narrated game myself too then!

Played through the whole thing! Images are well edited. Honestly this is interesting, cool that it's based on true events (yeah I'm kinda just stalking your page :D)

The text engine's really cool! I love the art, super hard to only use 3 colo(u)rs. It's funny, love the narrator. I understand that your point may have been to not include audio, however, I feel ambient sounds could have raised the experience. Good job!


Basically yeah xD I can't open the .rar file because macOS nor can I install an application to do that. Also, no worries! I know it's super complicated and dumb to create a new project, that's totally okay! Thank you for helping though :) 

Way to spoil the game.

I don't have my own personal email being 13 and all. Would a secret url work for you? Basically creating a new restricted project with the files and sending me a secret url here then deleting it once I reply. My situation is super dumb and probably won't make sense. It's totally okay if you don't want to send the url or if I don't get the music zip. I'll leave a rating though because this is good music!

Is there any possible way to access the music files without downloading/opening the .rar file? I don't have a way to open the .rar file (for complicated reasons-). If not thats okay, thank you! Love the music :)

It's "Kenney Mini" by Kenney. This link takes you to Kenney's font pack which includes this font.