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Very sorry I've been out of state for a family emergency. I'll try to send them asap.

I wasn't able to find anything definitive on my end but I may have not troubleshot properly.  Where should I send the files to?

I have. I tried to export without merging and with textures, without merging and without textures, and with merging and with textures. Sadly, I've gotten the same results.  I am going to start peeling away my custom blocks and see if I can link it to something specific that causes the problem.  Thanks for the reply, I love this tool and the assets!!

I've tried exporting in multiple files types and they all open like this in Blender as well. 

After making and saving this and similar models using included and custom assets the export breaks.  Sorry I don't know much about these types of things to give more detail.  I included images to demonstrate.

If more detail is needed please let me know what I can provide.