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I've made some changes in my game such us the implementation of the music and sound effects, changes in the projectiles, teleporters...

I'd be glad if you recommend me to add something you find interseting like new monsters or whatever. The most funniest thing in game development is making things that people like so i would like you to share your ideas with me so that the project improves.

You can check it out at:

Have a nice day!

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I remind you that there are buttons for muting the music and the sound effects below the minimap

You are a tiny sorcerer and nobody knows why you are in that strange dungeon but you can use magic to beat all the enemies and  try to hold on and survive as many rounds as you can. Good luck!

This is the first version released of Sorcerer Dungeon. There isn't music yet but I'm working on it. 

By the way, the game is written in Java without using any library or framework.

Check it out at:

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Hi 0x72

I used your map tiles to create a new map in my game, the game is made in Java without using any library or framework at all, the version I've released is a testing version, so it may have some bugs and that kind of things xd

By the way, thank you for that  pretty  nice pixel art :)

Check it out at: