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Thanks that helped a little, so basically you take any 2  cult classic books/movies/game and smash them together. Am I correct? And don't worry I wont steal Your idea.

Hey radHABiT, I am having a hard time understand the theme and what I am supposed to do. Could You please explain what am I supposed to mash up. Also this is my first time joining a game jam. 

Same here. 

Thats good to know. It would run on any pc I guess so. But anyways what do You think about the game? I would appreciate if You could rate the game based on how You felt the game was.

I have uploaded a Linux build, You can check it out.

Sure I can make a Linux build and thanks for the comment.

Game Link -

I had this idea of  experiencing someone else's life. So that is why I created this game. I made the main character female because I thought it would be awesome and I made her a pilot after watching a movie Porco Rosso . But I have very less experience in making games and this is what the game turned out to be. But making this game improved my pixel art skills as you can see in level 2.

If You can tell me where the game went wrong or why is it boring, I would highly appreciate it.

Thanks for reading this post, Have a Good Day!

Nice game