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It did make an interesting mechanic though! I found myself using it to traverse the level a lot more than using doors

thanks so much for the feedback! I didn't think about alerting the player to enemies offscreen, thats something I'll make sure to keep in mind for future projects!

yo, for 48 hours the visuals and animations in this game are TIGHT! good job!

This was a really cool looking project, I'd love to see how you made the visuals for this game!

the game play suffers from a few things though, Because you can't aim behind your ship I'm not sure why you can move to the right half of the screen, it makes only being able to shoot in front of you seem like a bug. Also, because the ship was so fast, there was never really any reason for me to feel like I needed to use the shield because I could dodge mostly everything. All that considered, this is still a really solid shooter, good job!

"Perfect"- 5/7

I like that you explored the idea of the character the player controls pushing against the character, but the game requires precise movements, which works against the idea of the player only really suggesting where the character is supposed to go. It's cool to see this kind of thing explored though, good on you!

I remember seeing this in the showoff page and really wanting to try it! I can't unzip a .rar file though, I would really love to play this if it were an .exe or .zip

super rad aesthetic! The mechanics didn't really show through, I didn't know what the magnetic tool was and never got out of the starting room. Also, aiming at the cubes accurately was difficult in the third person without a marker or something to show what cube is corrected. I think with 24 more hours for a tutorial, a game of this scope would have turned out really awesome!

hey, check your collision code, you can pretty easily phase through all the walls 

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This game was pretty great! as is with most rts games, the strategy never actually came into consideration when I was playing, it felt more like an action game but thats ok! it was a cool experience, I would love to see how this would work with pvp. but maybe tone down the deffenders advantage a bit, I lost 2 or 3 fights where I had 6 or 7 favored or neutral guys against 2 or 3 other guys and I lost the fight, which felt p bad

The running sound is actually me tapping a banana

This was pretty cool! It really resonates with the theme. I got stuck on a few levels because I ran out of fuel and didn't know any way to get it back. If I had figured out how to restart the level that wouldn't have been all that bad, but because I had to restart the whole game it was very tiresome. great job though finishing a product in 48 hours, it looks great!

That was fun! I didn't really like the weapon that shot 2 bullets at 45 degree to where you were aiming, and the drop rate of it seemed higher than everything else. The core game-play loop was fun though, and the theme was incorporated really well!

Thats not the problem, the person is facing the right way, but their speed is still in the same direction. I plan to rework it a little bit so that you have to be standing still anyways, but it's a strange bug!

Hello everyone!

It's the end of day 4 and I'm just behind schedule, but I hit a major milestone so I thought I would share it with everyone. My game is going to be a walking simulator, where you can explore a run down, abandon house and a brighter, mirrored version of it, by traversing through mirrors in the game, finding and listening to cassette tapes left by the previous tenants, and potentially solving some puzzles in the two dimensions. Here's a snapshot of one of the mirror portals in action:

I like how it's looking! still one bug (which if anyone can help me out with would be amazing, i can't seem to figure out how to change the direction of the players velocity when they go through the portal. not a major bug but just kind of annoying) but the visuals are what I think is really important and so I'm glad that they're looking like they are this early on. 

I've also worked out basically the held item controls for the game, and have worked out  a way to "inspect" the held object (kind of ripped from skyrim) so that the player can read letters or find clues hidden under objects or whatnot, I'm not sure yet exactly how the mechanic will be used but I'm sure it will come in handy when building the world, so I can make letters hide messages under objects and such.

From now on it'll be a mad dash to make all the assets I'm going to need (I have like 3 pages of detailed mesh's), writing a script for the tapes, finding voice actors, and making a the world come to life. There's a lot of work to do still, (If you want to help out, feel free to let me know, I'll take all the help I can get) , but I'm really excited! I'll post again once I've started designing levels, and once I can get some nice looking renders out there.