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It might be easy to pass up on this one, till you realize everything you need is right here. The real genius is the Pacing moves: you don't see them very often. I didn't realize I was looking for this in my quest to stop being a bookkeeper and start being a solo storyteller, but I'm looking forward to using this with the UNE NPC emulator. <3

This feels like it goes hand-in-hand with the original source material! Cool way to add some thematic depth to the game. Great layout to boot!

Awesome! Super excited to see winners.

I know they mentioned the second half of January, so just checking in if it'll be updated on this page, or over on their official website? Thanks in advance!

A very belated thank you!

You're doing the Lord's work. ;-)

This project is just incredible--keep up the great work!

I can really see a niche developing for these sorts of games: restorative, warm, simple. I'd love to see a full release with a story and Easter Eggs and hidden achievements. Excellent work.

I've played through about 10, I think! I want to make sure that when I play them I can leave a review, so it's slow goings!

Thank you for taking the time to play and comment! What I love about the IP is that they always leave us a "maybe" to several interesting questions, like the one you're referring to. I'd love to see that topic explored more in the Fifth Edition books.

Thanks so much for playing! Mostly your Clan chapter and the fourth chapter change. There are 3 variations of the ending, but I didn't have time to add as much variety as I'd like. It's cool to hear which clans folks play as. :)

I've been looking at your various projects--I love the soft, playful vibe they all have going on. Can't wait to see what you make next!

This is perfect--my original vision for the Winter Jam was literally a walk in the park. Thank you!

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed!

Hey, gave it a whirl! I wasn't able to get past the first fight after the detective died (it seems when characters' health reaches 0, it still keeps them in the fight rotation), but the story setup, character artwork, and movement system were all unique. I always appreciate a Giovanni reference.

" opposed to me, dead only in halves."

A great take on the Thinblood perspective. I love all these jam entries based in specific locales--this felt lived in, no pun intended.

Excellent production values over all--even down to this download page! I liked the clean look of everything. I ended up picking Tamas, but William was very intriguing. Liked the whisper effect you gave him. Really, not enough good things can be said about such a high-quality game made in such a short period of time. 

A vampire therapist--now that has all sorts of plot possibilities! Loved the art on this one, down to the UI being just slightly different from the norm (I really prefer the smaller, offset textboxes as opposed to the typical bottom-of-the-screen UI you see in most visual novels). I liked that there was a pause effect after each choice, and the sound design was a nice touch.  The wide-screen effect and cinematic lighting was icing on the cake.

Thanks for the kind words! (The template was based on the visual novel template by Sun Labyrinth. I didn't use nearly the bells and whistles, but I'll update my game page to reflect her initial groundwork).

This type of game would actually be perfect for the Masquerade IP. I loved discovering the different vampires--each picture worked perfectly. Addictive--I forgot to check the days, but I think I made it to the mid 20s?

You nailed this kinetic, textured look; very nice, and it fit the WoD feel. Same thing with the percussive soundtrack--it just fits.

I played the Malk and, um, got 3 strikes. XD Loved the inclusion of the dice and stat mechanics.

"Are you finished?"


Good dialogue as well!

Ooh, a VN with choice of POV! I ended up going Andrea, Siegfried, Siegfried. A unique look; clever insert of the Dark Pack logo. 

I especially liked Siegfried's internal monologue ("Supper saves the day"); also, a cat called Lucifer but nicknamed Lulu, I live for these little pops of color in people's writing.

All in all, short and sweet.

Thanks friend! Already onto the next thing haha

Wow! I may have died pretty quickly, haha, but I was really impressed by:

-the detailed setting

-the sheer amount of content

-incorporating the actual TTRPG character sheet into the game

Love the amount of true-to-life details. I was in Tokyo for a stint, and this brought back memories (in a weird way, haha). Can't believe you wrote this in less than week--and while commuting!

Ooh, this really pulled me in. For getting this done in 4 days, very impressive. If you continue with this piece, it just needs some editing (as does my entry, lol!). I got the (ENDING II. "PRUNE THE THORNES"). This story fits right into the WoD universe--I'm tempted to write more about it but don't want to spoil it for others. Love me some psychological vampire fiction.

-Loved the music

-Loved that you could pick from all 7 clans

-Loved that the M.C. was already entrenched in the goings-ons; the dialogue was snappy

-I played it 3 times with different clans,  and was pleasantly surprised by the twist in one of the story branches!

Thanks so much! I've only used Harlowe, but when I give Sugarcube a shot I'd love to use this template.


In love with the lighting! This project deserves more comments.

Can't believe there aren't any comments on this--it's stunning!

Thanks so much for your time, glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much! I'm still catching typos and whatnot, so I appreciate you taking the time to review.

Awesome, thanks so much for quick reply!

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Thanks so much for organizing this jam--it as crazy was it was fun to get everything in for the deadline! Quick question: I have two files, but wanted to make sure that when the team reviews the entries, do they review the most up-to-date? I have an HTML file that can be played in browser, but also left my original game file up as proof that I submitted the entry on time. That first file still had lots of bugs and typos, so I wasn't sure if I should delete it or leave it alone until the judging is over. However, I don't want the team to play the more-or-less broken version, haha.

So, is it better to delete old files? Thanks in advance!

Edit: typo

I'd like to bump this, because I had a question on "making changes past December 1st." Does that mean that today we could also add content? I submitted the last half of my game blind without proofreading to meet the deadline, but if I was allowed to polish some more that'd be great! Regardless, being able to fix bugs and typos would also be welcome.

Oooh, how did I just discover this.

I adore the art style! The color and texture are easy on the eyes. <3

I really enjoyed my solo playthrough! Finally a solo that isn't too journaly, has a specific theme, and a nice little twist: I love the prompt/mad lib idea. In my play, I discovered that my setting was in the Sea of Japan, that my mermaid believed landwalkers should be treated with respect because they were "made in an image closer to God," was horrified when she realized that her deafening screech did in fact deafen some unwitting deep-sea divers she was trying to protect from an ancient Kraken, got her arms striped by some jellyfish in her attempt to help some dolphins (and her healing tears could only do so much), told a storm to go to sleep, removed the Key of Atlantis, and ultimately said Yes to her landlubberlover.

Anyhoot, it's the little moments of inspiration that always make solos fun. Like, even though the encounters and prompts didn't write this for me, I discovered the setting on my own and that little tidbit of merfolk psychology and their relationship to "landwalkers." Both unexpected, both pleasant nonetheless.

In short, thank you for this little gem, and keep up the good work!

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I'm only 1.5 hours in, but I can't believe it took me this long to try this game! Interesting world building, strong writing, tons of choices...why can't more games like this exist? :3 Thank you so much!

Also I've already decided Vadeyn is best boi.

Dude this is so clever I love it.