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Hi Mankotron, we just made lots of improvements based in all the feedback you gave :)

Hi, fixed, please check it out. The problem was a new script that didn't allow the game to start.

Hi Mankotron, we are really happy with all your findings, we worked on chapters 0,1 and 2 but we are trying to work in the rest to make a global update. Everyone else also thank you, this is a project made with much love and passion for you guys. We really appreciate it. 

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Hi. We just upload the game, wait one hour and try again. Tonight at 10pm we are updating the : 

  • Language issues.
  • Godsbling photo scene
  • Some of the avatar customization issues.
  • Character dialogues about the sex of the character.

We will fix the sound and music issue, and other elements this week for the update of Fridays and Saturday. We will keep everyone informed to get the best version for the final release the next month. (This version has also Portuguese localization, we are going to upload, Japanese, Chinese and Korean for future versions).

Hi, today we fix that bug and upload a new version. 

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Thanks for the findings, we are working the date issue, and language too. This update has also the chapter 4 and 5. We are trying to find what is triggering the click of Godsbling. We are going to post and update tomorrow and post it to notify here. Thanks Mankotron and everyone that is helping us to find all this issues for making the final version the best we can. :)

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Thanks Razz, we will work with that and correct soon, any details you find we appreciate it. During the photo you have to click the errors of the photo, some people told us that it can be better tutorial for that. Tomorrow we are going to update that. 

Correction, 70 hours!

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Hi Design Heroes! 

We are at the last 70 hours of the campaign, to be sincere from all the team has been a blast! I mean, we are working hard fixing the demo bugs, creating content and managing the campaign, answering backer question etc, and all the Akinaba Team we are very happy for the huge support during the campaign. 

We are about to reach our stretch goal of an extra chapter, we are very confident about it and always is of huge help if you keep sharing the campaign and helping us. Also if you player the demo it´s of huge help to fill this little survey 

So, we are 200% comited to deliver an unique game experience so again...

You can back design hero HERE

Thank you for your love and support Design Heroes, we can make it!

Add Game To Collection

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We are announcing a new reward of an incredible set of 6 stickers and a high quality game print tabloid size of your favorite character. , because some backers ask us. And we are 

Note: Customs/VAT fees may be incurred depending on the country this is shipped to and is not covered by this campaign.


Also we are working in some promos with a unique image, we would like to know your opinion to know if you would like to have some of that style in the game. 

We are almost in the 100%! we just need a little push. So if you can share the project it will be of great help Design Heroes!

And thank you for your incredible support!

Design Hero community · Created a new topic Crazy UpDate
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Lots of updates in one crazy update!


We are very happy with the response of the people for the project, and we are right now almost 100 backers! For that reason ALL THE BACKERS of 20+usd or more rewards will get a free chibi portrait. (If you don´t have that reward just adjust your reward to  one of 20usd or more)

Also, remember the backer contest if you share with your friends the social networks and get enough follows you can get awesome rewards like...

 Like comic books with backstories of the characters, and special outfits!

Facebook, Twitter, InstagramTumblr

 Also we have right now onboard one of the best voice actors of Mexico, mr José Antonio Macias, famous for voices as James of Team Rocket, The Joker, Deadpool and many others. 

 "Hi friends, my name is Pepe Toño Macias and i want to invite you to support the game of Design Hero for my voice can be in spanish for all LATAM i send you a hug, regards".

We are at 92% and we almost get the goal! 

Thanks you for everyone that is making this possible, we are very passionate about this project, made with love and obsession for the details. (And Design and advertising). 

Thank you Design Heroes!

We are ALMOST 100 Design Heroes!


This project is one step closer to being a reality!

Spread the word: Share this project with friends to help it along.

THANKS from everyone in the team and have an awesome week! Here is the link of the Kickstarter

Today we got free Chibi portrait to all the +20usd rewards during LIVE @kickstarter at 8pm with Wen, and if you already backed the project the first 3 backers of 20usd+ that say "already backed" will get a Chibi Portrait for free .

Have an excellent day!  Today we reached 85% of the campaign and also 3k players! Thank you for support everyone!

Kickstarter Campaign:

Design Hero community · Created a new topic 53 BACKERS!

Even if the image say´s 50, we are 53 Design Heroes! This update it´s not only to celebrate that we are almost in 80% but also to share that we are going to upload the demo on Steam and also test it in mobile versions! Almost 3000 people played Design Hero demo this week! Stay tuned for more surprises during this campaign! Also if there is more content that you want to see please, send us a message. 

THANKS from everyone in the team and have an awesome week! Here is the link of the Kickstarter

35 backers! All the team we are super excited we are reaching the 70%! Thanks for the support, besides sharing and supporting the project, give us feedback of what they like or don´t like or what they wish will be in the final version about the game makes us very happy! You can tell us here or in our social networks FacebookTwitterInstagram

Please, back our Kickstarter campaign :

Have a great week Design Heroes!

We already launch a Kickstarter campaign!  if you liked the game join Jagger & Jones and support it on Kickstarter!

Also, there is a massive message where you can join with your Facebook, twitter or tumblr to shoutout the support, please join the Thunderclap

Design Hero community · Created a new topic New cover!
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Hi, we just test the game during one week event Campus Party in Guadalajara City, right now we are making some improvements to the gameplay flow (it was of gush help the feedback you game us) and we are making another update on Saturday. We moved the Kickstarter to July 23, so please stay tuned and share with your friends! Also check out the new cover, it´s really cool! Our main artist Alejandro Too, made a wonderful job, we are very happy!

Hi, try the new version that we just uploaded yesterday.

Hi. The final game it´s going to be 5 hours, this is just the first act of the first chapter.Like 10 to 15 minutes. Hope you enjoy it and fill the survey at the end of the game.

Design Hero community · Created a new topic Feedback

Hi! everyone that tested the game, please fill this small form, it help us to improve the game and make the best of the experiences.