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Hello everyone, just made my first desktop game, ACE of SPACE is a shooter based in a old game I've made, the V8ORS - Flying Rat. This one was created as a learning lesson, the way for me to start coding a way better.

Only used to code with AS3 in the time of Adobe Flash and now moved to this stronger C# language. To learn this language, but more importante, to think like a coder I've set some goals for me. Managed to improve a lot of things in the game, implemented levels, health manager, bomb system and Final Bosses (in the end I even changed to stage bosses!). I know for all you guys this is pretty simple, but for a guy like me with illustration/Design background, this was not so easy.

The final big improvement, in the Desktops versions, was to been able to input a Gamepad/Keyboard controls. The game was made for Android and after some hard battles, trying to figure it out why I couldn't make the Gamepad working, in a morning after spending some time messing around wth the project, Tcharaaamm!! I've made it!! And it feels so good when we accomplished and solve problems!!!

Here's the link for the game download:

With no more delays, I'll say see you soon and hope you like this simple game!!


What a nice game!! So simple and a must!!