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These tiles are lush! I see all the comments are pretty old, have the roads and rivers been abandoned? They would really round it off.

Haha, I did exactly the same thing - skimmed through the wikipedia article and related bits and then went to that same paper. Its a really enjoyable read. Thanks for this post! I will be referring back to this for inspiration no doubt.

Very happy about this game jam. I am reminded of 'The Witness' very much when reading this.

Hey! I'm Alfred

I've been hoping for a more slow-paced jam to take part in and as a linux user godot is for sure my engine of choice so, hooray! Perfect timing :)

I've been trying to get into programming as a career in honestly any role, alongside my day job and family life, which has proven to be difficult. Jams are a great way to force yourself to steal away more time for yourself! Hope to get something respectable by the deadline.

Not getting any great ideas yet from Two Buttons but I'll take the prompt to learn a new engine feature for sure. Maybe use the #1GAM theme word also.

Good luck and happy jamming :)