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This is awesome, just bought the pack on Steam!

This art is so good it hurts.

Pretty good! Could use a little friendlier targeting but otherwise fun! Top score 7045.

This is pretty fun!

This is great!

Great stuff!

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Windows and MP3 archives aren't downloadable.

Trying to use it to edit for my own engine, with PNG output. I like the limits imparted by the structure of the C64 graphics setup, but I need to use a custom palette and not being able to see what color I'm selecting makes the custom palette really hard to use for anything other than variations of the C64 palette. Seems like a shame it's not easier to use for other environments.

Ah okay I figured out what's going on. The colors in the Project Palette don't update, so it's hard to tell what color is actually selected. Could that be changed so the thumbnails and the palette selection boxes show the configured palette?

Hmmm. This doesn't seem to work, the screen shot above is after I pressed OK (then reopened it). I was using the x64 build, I'll try with the others.

I see how to edit a color / colour palette, but I can't seem to get it to actually apply to the project. How can I apply the palette to the project so the colors are used for characters?

Cool! I knew there had to be a way.

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This is great, but it should cost more! It's only $0.19 right now with the conversion rate (which I didn't know until after the purchase).

Very fun game, but I couldn't get past the "ambush" level. I can get the alchemy school built and get off one myst spell but it isn't enough. They do 29 damage against 20..22 reduction. I can't quite manage to get a military base and the alchemy school built at the same time, which might work? Anyway, really fun game!

Quite fun!