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There seems to be no file to download? Has it been taken down?

Okay, I managed it. Apparently if you only plant one seed it always withers, you have to plant several. Once I figured that out I beat the game in one try. Pretty interesting game, nice work!

I can't seem to make any progress whatsoever. Every single thing I plant withers away until I die of blood loss. Is there some way to keep the plants from withering away, at the start? I'm not sure I understand the mechanics. I get that it's supposed to be tough, but at this point I have yet to get a single plant to grow to fruit even after repeated restarts.

This game is lovely. But for some reason, the game no longer works in the Itch app. I had the game already downloaded and installed previously (I hadn't played it in a long while but it used to work fine), but when I clicked "Launch" nothing happened. So I tried uninstalling and reinstalling... And it says "not available on Windows" and won't let me. I can still download it fine on the web site via my library and just run it locally myself. Any idea what's causing that? My other games still seem to work fine.

That's great news, thanks a lot! :) I wish more developers added such accessibility options. <3

Question: Does the game include flashing/flickering? If so, how much/how often? Asking due to accessibility issues. Considering buying it but I want to make sure I'll be able to play it without troubles. Thanks!

Cool, I'll keep watching then. I have too much to do now already, so I'll hold off until there's more out there, but I'll definitely be following this! And there's nothing wrong with being an old fart. It gives you the right to shake your fist at everyone younger than you and shout "in my day we had to TYPE to play our games! And use our IMAGINATIONS because there were no graphics at all! And we had to keep notes on paper in a dang notebook! And there was NO AUTOSAVE!" And then you can mutter, for example, "dang spoiled lazy kids these days," which is always satisfying. ;)

Paradise community · Created a new topic MUD = Multiplayer?

There's not a whole lot of info on the page, but I'm assuming MUD means "multi-user dungeon", as in the old online games, right? So this is a multiplayer world where everyone can edit and change things? If so, you should make that clear on the page as it's a selling point and only old farts like me usually know what a MUD is these days. ;) I'm tempted to grab it, just want to learn a bit more about it before letting myself fall into a new rabbit hole. :D