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Thank you for your compliments and feedback! I've been thinking about the best way to add  audio and visual feedback. 

Currently there are particles, but they are hard to see and not the best solution. The solution I am experimenting with now is manipulating the string the notes are on.

For audio feedback, I've found it difficult to come up with a way to make meaningful audio feedback that, when implemented, will work for additional songs added.  I do plan to figure out a good way and add this later.

The music was very enjoyable, especially  Monsters Everywhere.  I really liked how you made it so Finally Fun only used up down left or right, giving the player time to adjust to the mechanics before adding any angle. The graphics were simple, but they maintained a refined look. This was a very fun game to play.

I tried to play through the game on Normal. The first song went well, but when I went to the second song the difficulty seemed to spike pretty hard. I spent around forty attempts trying to beat Monsters Everywhere. I never beat it. Im not sure if the input is messing with me or if the timing is off, but I felt something wasn't right. On Dance of the Blind the background almost feels as though it is spinning, which made me dizzy.

I love the music. Having the blues melody develop has you fill and complete the bars of the different colors was really satisfying. Even if I wasn't very good at maintaining combos, it was a lot of fun.

I will add azerty support this evening.

Thank you for your feedback and taking your time to try out my game!

A bullet hell mixed with a rhythm game is a really cool idea, and I liked the implementation of maneuvering around the source of everything. I really like look of a black background with bright colors to easily differentiate everything.

One of the bullet patterns was seemingly impossible to avoid. I didn't quite understand how the bullets worked, so I just shot randomly until enough ricochet hit the boss to beat it.

Thank you so much for your compliments! In the options if you select the QWERTY or QWERTZ options, it should change the key text on the game screen to the keyboard settings.

Simplistic, but I feel like it could make for a cool input style for a rhythm game. 

The game plays very slowly and presents no challenge. Maybe the difficulty increases over time, and if that is the case, it doesn't scale quickly enough. I didn't notice any penalty for clicking constantly, or a reward for clicking once.

Being able to change the speed of an endless runner through objects is a cool idea. 

At first I thought the red note was just another note to increase speed. I'd probably make the red notes easier to differentiate from pink notes.

I liked the idea of the game itself, but the level of unpolished work brought it down. The mini-game felt like the most polished piece, and that was very enjoyable. The art of the game was simplistic and matched the audio, but I felt the portraits didn't match the style of the rest of the game. 

The movement in the game is too slow. The mini game is unforgiving where if you get hit once you start from the beginning of the mini game. 

A fun game that explores a simple mechanic to it's fullest potential. The art and music fit snugly with each other, which tied with solid game play made for a fulfilling experience.

I'm personally not a fan of collecting coins unless there is some benefit other than score. 

I like how crisp this is. The latency between pressing a key and hearing the sound was incredibly low for me, which I don't often see.

The idea is fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed the music, art and game play once I got the hang of it. I'm curious to see what this would become when fully refined. 

Getting a hang of the game play took several attempts. The sudden switch from a auto scroll level to a stationary level was jarring without an indicator of some kind.

This game was a really surreal experience. The entrance to the game was really cool and I loved the matrixesque hallway leading to the multiplayer. The sounds you chose for the players made for some really cool dissonant and otherworldly audio and I loved the level design. I really enjoyed the experience.

When I clicked on the computer to enter in the username, I tried to back out of it to make sure I didn't miss anything in the room only to find that I couldn't leave the computer once on it. I'd also like to be able to press multiple notes at the same time.

Thank you for your feedback and compliments, they mean so much to me. I have been working on the timing issue, but have been running into where it will match on one computer or browser, but get offset on another. It's an open issue I am still figuring out a solid solution for.

I am using Chrome, but I just loaded up the game on another computer and it works on this one.

Thank you very much for your feedback and compliments! I haven't made it auto-detect input yet, so currently the options are the only way to change the control scheme. Planned additions include feedback for the player on how they are doing and keeping records of past plays.

This was a very enjoyable platformer. The double jump mechanic felt very satisfying. The music was  peaceful, am always a fan of just piano, but I am not sure if it fits escaping a volcano. I enjoyed how all the art looks together, and the sprite of the cat looks especially nice.

Something about the base movement looks strange. Hard for me to explain, but the sprite looks glitchy when moving to me.

Love the concept, and how the difficulty is increased by adding more layers of sound.

It's difficult to tell the point at which an enemy can be attacked.

The concept was very cool, kind of like an Audiosurf where you're a car. The music was very nice and helped with the surreal feel of cruising on this otherworldly highway.

The car movement seemed glitchy at times(especially on the edge), which I feel kills the smooth feel of the music.

Simplistic, but fun.

A lot of the time when I went to maneuver between the boats and it seemed like there was enough space, it would cost a life. If you get over 100 score, the Score and Lives text overlaps.

Concept wise, I really like this. The visuals are simplistic, but it's pong so it fits perfectly. Not really much to say past that, because it's a work in progress.

It took me a bit to figure out how the game worked, but after I figured it out I enjoyed the base mechanic of pitch matching to unlock the next level. The music and graphics fit with each other very nicely. 

The game's difficulty scaling seemed slow to me, so it felt repetitive by level 7. The AI of the spiders seemed to just run around randomly, which led to me largely ignoring them while finding notes.

The concept for this is phenomenal. I started it thinking it was just the notes as platforms, and when I hit the first disappearing platform thought it was just gonna be a frustrating trial and error game. When I realized you used the scale to determine the platform I fell in love with the idea. I really like the development of the music as you collect the power ups. 

The bass power up seems to fade away a bit too fast, but that is just personal preference. 

I really liked the colorful animal aesthetic, the sounds and the concept. Just hearing the animal sounds with drums behind them brought a smile to my face.

The menu itself was more fun for me then the game. I spent about 3 minutes messing around on the menu before trying out the actual game. In game, I would try and get a groove, but ultimately it would get to the end and then loop a partially formed out of time beat. 

I think it would be helpful to have the input associated with each press shown on the color coming at you or some other way to help the player remember the inputs associated with them. 

The music was very nice. The graphics were simplistic, which fit very well. The game play only had the base mechanics in place as far as I could tell. Overall, I enjoyed The Adventures of Do.

This was very visually appealing. The sounds were jarring, mostly due to the repetitiveness and no smooth transitions. 

I started trying to play it by tapping the keys in a rhythmic pattern which made it worse. Took me a bit to figure out I needed to hold the keys down.

My initial look made me think of SkyRoads (visually only). The audio was on point and fit the vapor wave aesthetic perfectly. The game play was fun, but it appears there wasn't that much game play implemented as of yet.

The concept was cool. I enjoyed trying to determine which circle will hit first, and if two circles would hit at the same time, lining it up for the next color as well. The music (of the two songs I tried) was very calming and peaceful. Overall, this was very enjoyable.

Looking down to figure out the next color, only to need to look back up to figure out where the color is and where the next ring will hit was one step too many for me. Upon completing a row of the colors, the game would usually spawn me something impossible to prepare for.

I've got an obsession with blues scales, so this got my attention quickly. The simplistic sound and graphics blend with each other perfectly. Spawning the platforms to notes is a cool concept and I enjoyed your implementation. I die a little bit on the inside when I drop a combo.

The sound doesn't work for me. I like the concept and want to try it. Reminds me of the kinds of toys that were in the first Wario Ware game if you played it.

The concept and execution was great. Caught me off-guard with the highest difficulty and I got a good laugh. 

I absolutely adore your game.

I had a lot of fun playing your game. The graphics fit nicely. I didn't notice the rule about the sum of 10 until after.

I love snake. Is there any mechanic planned where you can grab something and then start eating the ghosts like in pac-man?

I like it, a throwback to run and guns. Guess you didn't have time to add sound effects though.

Thank you for taking the time to  play. Currently it is too short, and I intend on expanding on the game in the near future.  

I plan to include a few methods to signify a change in game areas.  I want to have something like stairs and perhaps different doors that opens up to  long dark passage ways for loading into new areas. Currently, I am even toying with the idea of elevators.  I  greatly appreciate your feedback SkyCharger.

Every swing looked and sounded meaningful, which made it super satisfying to play. I liked the darker tone of the graphics and music. 

In the first ten seconds I ran in an died, and upon re-spawning couldn't see my character or interact with anything other than moving the screen around, but I didn't experience that again after I restarted.

I could sit at the fountain and click on the fish just to hear the "GLUB GLUB" line for a week. Not literally, but you instantly got a smile out of me for it. The radio line got me to laugh. 

I loved your take on the theme. The music and the graphics were great.

The game play was fun, but I didn't really feel like anything I did made me any closer or further away from being trampled. Maybe I didn't understand how the game is supposed to work though.