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I'd love to see a game about that :3

yeah seeing multiple sprites is more rewarding!

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I know I'm not the dev but I had an idea of a WG game for a long time and I'm curious about what you said about the sprites. how can you convey weight gain without multiple sprites? I was thinking about that a lot and I couldn't find a good method aside from making a 2D or 3D rig that can deform which is complicated.

a weight display is a good idea btw

the progression starts off a little slow, but it becomes fun! how about belly play as another interaction? I'm not a fan of sex stuff personally, though the milking option is nice. also, how about burping? maybe as an option if that's not your thing.

looking forward for updates!

thank you! yeah, it's generated by an algorithm inspired by sg's beepster. it's basically 3 arpeggiators playing at different speed.

thank you!

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it's not a remake but a variation used for music in my generative dream game:
I found slow bass + average mid + fast high notes with common piano-like ADSR to be the most pleasing configuration so I based my system on that. it features seven heptatonic scales + transpositions

I like it!

ideal for glitch music. also just fun to play with randomly generated code which is something I wanted to see in programs like Bytebeat


yeah, I guessed correctly then haha : ) thank you!

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it sounds very good! I wanna recreate it in Godot now. may I ask a question? from what I understood on Github this is like 4 arpeggio patterns playing together, is this correct? how does "speed" work?

thank you!

it was interesting to read!

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yeah, those were the kind of dreams I wanted to express! thank you : )


thank you!


thank you!

I see, thank you!

good demo! I'm trying to make something similar, can you help me? how did you make the stairs connect properly?

that's exactly the system I needed for my procedural project! thank you!

good to see games exploring liminality

impressive, I didn't know it's possible with CopperCube!


at first the time limit made me a bit anxious but then I got the idea and now I find the game pretty soothing. interesting rendering style for the dreams and nice music, too!

fascinating. I've seen so much yet I feel like I only scratched the surface. love it!


favorite forest walking sim

this is fun

I'm not very good at it yet, but it's still relaxing and the RGB concept is really interesting

Cool, didn't expect a voxel terrain system. Chill experience!

Sweet little experience! I like the variety in interaction, especially the upside down part. DOG / 10

Very fun and cute, awesome demo!