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what the fuck is haoeeubf

im in love with u

this games georgeous! it felt kind of cunfusing at time, but I still really like it!

i like beams :- )

FROGG KMUyjntmkweoijaqsw <3

Please rate ours! we worked really hard on it and would like an honest opinion! : -)

Really fun game!

i dont understand this game, loved it!

This is a quality fuckin game i loves it thank you

this is so pretty!!

this looks really good!


i dont think so :-(( it doesnt say that anywhere

Yup! detergent™#7711

hello! I'm not a programmer, but I can draw. are you still looking to team up?

I can make graphics! and i can probably send you something as an example, are you still looking for a team?

I'd love to! I'm excited for future updates :-)

this is a really good game, the graphics are pretty and sounds affects are used appropriately.  It's format is also pretty unique and intresting. I'm not sure if  you're still adding features, but maybe when you die you can choose to restart on that day? other than that it really good worldbuilding with intresting characters!

bro this looks gorgeous, im so excited for the demo release!! ALEXANDER THE GENERAL👌👌👌 !!!

This games garphics are so cute! I loved the simple retro design and adore the tamogachi nostalgia. Sometimes the controls felt confusing but other than that I enjoyed this immensely. I Look forward to future projects!!

b ro ,,, ,, thi s game ,,,,,,  b eau tiful;,,, ,   , omy ,,,this made me so happy and warm im crying ,,, the art,,music, writing,,,im very excited for future projects!! 

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This is game beautifully written and skillfully charming, I find myself constanly replaying it to see the other options and having geniuenly fall in love with every character, I'm excited for chapter five!

the art is so cute! I love the character designs and the aesthestic is just very bright and warm, albeit a little short. 

 one thing is that maybe she can act more suprised? she seems very sure of what to do and we really don't get any context, maybe a short cutscene would work for backstory? 

overall I like the characters and look forward to future developments!

thank you, I'll look up for the updates. :-D

hello! this is an amazing game, I just payed it's really cute, intresting and just a very intresting concept. 

here are some little suggestions that may or may not make the game better.
  • maybe you can also use the space bar as an attack?
  • the character clips through some object
  • sometime when you open the oven you keep on walking, also it seems that when walking "E" doeasn't register, you have to stop completely.
  • maybe there can be a hint system? or already set recipies with names? or maybe I'm just an idiot because for whatever reason I can't seem to cook a lot by myself.
  • when you die once the pause button doesn't work anymore.
  • you can't leave the cook book (or I'm missing something)

it's a really fun game! these are just some things I think would be good to know. sorry if your were alrady aware. I hope to see duture developments! :-)