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I like this idea a lot. In future, players can choose there bot classes in unranked/private matches. But for leaderbord matches pier4r's suggestion would challange even the most experienced players, due to it's unpredictable nature. I'm gonna vote for it. ;D

/edit: But it kinda defeats the reason behind unlockable bot classes. Why would u have to unlock them, if u can't use them as you want? 🤔

Is the link broken?

Generaly a nice idea. Some one knows World of Tanks? I would like to see their capture mechanic. Don't want to explain it. I'm too lazy right now. xD

Enemy AI on the last three solo missions does only retreat. nothing else.


Would you please share the most simple version of the AI you are using? I'm not able to reproduce such a result.

I created an AI that is closing the distance first and then keeps shooting, even at medium range. It's possible within the current game.

But thats not solving the first problem... :( I still would like to test this ingame.

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It's already implemented at 5.2: alphanumerical sorting

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If you change the order of your AIs in your list by changing their names, then the bots on the map will adapt to a new AI, if their former assigned AI's position in the list was changed by that.

Please change it, so that the assigned AI on a bot won't change.

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The Problem I have:

I would like to encourage close combat between bots. At the current state of the game, one bot moving to short range in front of an already shooting enemy is loosing too much shield/health points and then has to aim for several seconds, before it can shot. Therefore dying pretty quickly against an enemy, which simply stands still and keeps shooting. (Well, shotgunners do work that way on some maps, sometimes, due to there high speed)

Or if one bot is already aiming at short range at an enemy. The enemy simply retreats out of short range and so resets the aming timer before getting shooted. The attacking bot is rarely shooting that way - if ever.

My solution:

I would like to link the actual aiming time with the distance between one attacking bot and it's target. The aiming time should decrease with the distance in a certain ratio. Once a bot is starting to aim, the game stops checking the distance, and is using the values right from that moment, when aiming beginns - updating it's aiming timer only between fully aimed attacks or if canceled.

/edit: I've noticed a flaw in this idea: After successfully shooting with a reduced aiming time, the bot should "reload" for it's full aiming time again. Otherwise any bot would completely annihilate it's current target with a reduced aiming time between shots and even the enemy would be able to shot at extrem rates.

Aiming time updates should only happen, if 1.) a bot stopped moving before and 2.) if a bots last attack happened more then <bots reload time> seconds ago.

I'm not completely sure about this idea. Therefore I want to hear your opinion first before suggesting it.

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@GFX47: How likely is it, to see new bot classes in future? Do you have any short term ideas.

For me, I'm perfectly fine with the existing bot classes, for now. But I wrote down some ideas for new bot classes. I'm only to lazy to make a reply for them. xD So please let us know, if you want/need fresh ideas.

jup. noticed two times already. Trying to figure out, how to counter it. Beware! ;)

Well, I certainly like it! :D

Why not? It's easy to stop them doing this, by adding some conditions. And maybe some player want it that way. It could mean a slight advantage against other bot classes, if the snipper is already aiming, while the enemy is running to them. It's a reasonable behavior for a "sniper".

jep. they are just sooting but never doing any damage.

Is it intended that snipers are able to shoot enemies that are +15m away? Didn't noticed before, if so. xD

Already done! XD Nice work dev!

Also the dev. said, that circle of death is kinda the limit of what the game is able to handle properly on all devices. I don't think we will see this map in near future, if ever.

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Thank you for the work! I really appriate it! Please keep this work in future. (or tell me at least, how to calculate these infos before you stop playing. ;) Can you tell me, when exactly the bots are starting to flee from the enenmy? (shield/health values?)

Default tick rate @5.1 is every 0.5 seconds, or "2 times per second" for all bot classes.

With 5.2 only shotguner will tick every 0.25 seconds, or "4 times per second" in order to adapt for the higher movement speed of shotgunners.

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We should definitly keep such things in mind, but with a very low implementation priority. As long as this game is in alpha, there are far more importent things to do first.

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I suggest to automatically order AIs in an alpha-numerical way. Without the need for a button. You could still organize them by there name.

AI00_Master; AI01_Sniper; .... Erverybody could create there own system that way.

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Maybe some poeple didn't know, that u can choose more then one map? But they should be able to edit it afterwards.

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I'm worried about the fact, that one can edit already given votes, or create additional ones by simple faking/creating new names. :(

I hope the community keeps it fair.

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I support this idea. It's something for 5.3 when private and unranked matches will be added. Maybe it's possible to combine your ideas with that.

Great! Put the grafics, with the values for each bot on that site.

What if only one team(A) has a base, and the other team(B) has to defend it, is it possible for team(B) to win the match if all enemies are destroyed - even in a best score match?

Just admit, that you only want to show off... would be nice if you tell us some things about your AI. I can barely recognize the icons.

Besides complexity isn't the same as efficiency. And I'm not using only one AI for combat maps. ;)

Oh no! I realy like to create combat-only AI with different layers of behavior throughout the battle and combining different AI to perform some nice koreographie on the enemy. Similar to "Split Teams" but only in a bigger scale.

One point for me is, that it anoys me, to click every single bot, then choose a class and then its AI.

Also the bots are staying way too close together. Resulting in some very early deaths, even if they try to flee from the very beginning. Again, because of too many bots.

I think it's good, to set up the map on a smaller range. I don't want to see bots running to the enemiy for the first 10 seconds or even more.

Ya!! Thank you!

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Can you at range circle? Short, medium and long range.

After demotion, what will happen with the unlocked bot class? Will I still be able to use it, or is it possible to forbid the use of higher league bot classes?

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Awesome soultion! Forget about the map editor!, just kidding. How exactly do we vote for maps?

Done. Exact same result!

Ehm, no never watched it that long. ^^ Sry

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I did some minor changes to the cloning AI, resulting in a couple of new hints:

It's very unlikely to happen in multiplayer, due to the fact, that the AI of both teams have to work "together". They both need to have a very high survivability, or just ignoring the objectiv. Also I wasn't able to reproduce this bug within the first 3 minutes of a match. So don't worry.

This would be a nice oppertunity for unranked matches. Let the player decide, in which league he wants to play.

But for the current state of the game, I believe there aren't enough players. Allowing players to spread amongs different modi, will cause more pending games.