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Oi! Ainda não, está em produção! Essa é a nossa primeira demo.

Hi! We're not entirely sure, but we think that because the game is an .exe that has an "Unknown Editor", your anti-virus might have found it suspicious. It's normal, we anticipated this before deployment. Rest assured the files are clean! 

Thank you so much for the video! We're glad you liked the game! 

Thank you!! 

Hi! Thank you so much! 

Hello! Thank you for your comment and for the video! It means a whole lot to us!

Hi! It's something we've been wanting to implement for a while. For now, you can use Polaris to attack enemies but the damage is very very small. Thank you for the gameplay!

Hi! Thank you so much. Since it's a demo, it might take you about 20 to 40 minutes. Have fun!

Hi, thank you so much! We're glad you like it!

Hi! Thank you so much for the video and for the support! It's very important to us!

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Hi friend! Press E to advance on text boxes and interact. If you have any more doubts about controls, press Enter to look at both controller and keyboard controls!

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Hi! We will look into the language thing, and it will be fixed in the next patch. Thank you for the feedback and especially for the video! It's super important to us as it helps divulge the game. Thanks friend!