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I'm not an alchemist, but this Alchemy-Blast looks fantastic and wonderful!
This is the most attractive visual circle effect I've ever seen!
It must be a masterpiece that the International Alchemy Guild would want in the near or far future.

Vengeance for Zul'Jin

What a great art! It's a masterpiece!

I think it would be more convenient if the asset was provided in the form of a sprite with no shadows on the floor.

Respectful commander! Orc soldiers are stationed in the bushes! Do we need a fire?
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I purchased this asset twice but I couldn't find this asset in my itch-io library .
Where can I find it?

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wow - I'm very satisfied - R.I.P.
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It's a great piece of work, I love it :D !
but I think it can appeal to many and much-more-developers if additional files are provided in the form of separate frames.

I would like to use this asset for this project but it's being delayed for the reasons described above. 
Once again, I express my admiration for this great work, thank you, sir!

The rotating golden coin is so beautiful. I love it!
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I used the wood footsteps as the title scene menu cursor's sfx, and I'm very satisfied.
Other sfx in the bundle will also be used for the other contents to be added in the future.
It's a really nice bundle.  Thank you for selling great works, Sir! :D

+) 2021.02.05
heavy sword swing, bear-roar sfx omg..
looks like the bears are alive!
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Animal friends are so cute! Thank you, Sir! :D
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[Dreams of spring / Sky Island] looks nice :D
I'm in the forest of sky island now!

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I don't know if Santa exists or not, but it's clear that an angel exists.
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The dynamic sprite animation is really really amazing.
The dark hero with two color themes? omg.. It's really cool :D !